indrayanti beach
Posted: 17 April 2014
written by: admin

Indrayanti Beach, Latest and Beautiful Beaches in Yogyakarta One of the newest tourist destinations are the most popular tourist. Located on the east coast of Sundak, beach bordered by rocky cliffs is one of the beaches that present different views with other beaches in Gunung Kidul. Not only decorated with white sand, rocky hills and clear blue water.

Indrayanti beaches located in coastal districts Sundak Tepus Gunungkidul district. White sandy beaches that extend from East to West is fairly new and quite beautiful. In addition to beautiful, the beach area pretty clean, because this beach managers to impose fines on any visitors if caught littering.

Is Jetsky beaches provide some pieces that can be rented beach visitors to enjoy the beauty of the beach from the other side, in addition to pleasure berjetsky ria course. After berjetsky, visitors can play at the shore of sea water while playing and enjoying the waves that swept shoreline or can also sunbathe.

On the west side of the entrance to the beach, there are mountains of rock were quite large and beautiful. Behind the rock there is a white sandy beach that is wide enough.Tired of playing the water and sunbathing, visitors can relax in the gazebo on the shore while enjoying dishes accompanied by soothing cold drink.

Is beach also provides a base for groups or families, so that the visitors can relax at the beach area while enjoying a night on the beach.

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