Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours
Posted: 24 December 2014
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Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours

Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours interesting place to visit or do when you travel in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is a tourist paradise, there are a wide variety of travel in Yogyakarta from nature tourism, adventure tourism to the city tour which is very dear to miss. Here are Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours.

1. City Tour

Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours, the first is the city tour. A wide variety of attractions can you kinjungi while city tour in Yogyakarta. City tour is mandatory menu that should not be abandoned during a visit in Yogyakarta. The main attraction when the city tour is the palace of Yogyakarta, garden sari, big city, and others. You can only spend the time to enjoy the city tour sehairn Yogyakarta.

2. Lava tour

Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours second is Lava tour, a tour or a unique tour in Yogyakarta and perhaps the only one in Indonesia. We can reminisce with relics of victims of Merapi eruption. In this place we can also enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and we are also able to enjoy the sunrise.

3. Tourism temple

Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours is the third temple tours. Yogyakarta has many temples that we can visit. Start of Prambanan temple, Borobudur temple, temple pawon, Sewu temple, temple sari, Mendut temple, Plaosan, Bubrah temples and so on. So far we know only Prambanan and Borobudur. Nothing wrong with you also visit other temples.

4. Gudeg Wijilan

Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours, the fourth is to enjoy the typical food of Yogyakarta, warm Wijilan. This place is actually a road that stretches from north to south precisely in the east plaza Kraton Yogyakarta. Wijilan is the name of this street. In this way there are hundreds of sellers warm, typical food Yogyakarta. At certain times there Wijilan warm highlights events that dispenses warm portion Wijilan 1000 for free.

5. Angkringan prambanan

Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours fifth is enjoying nagkringan Prambanan. Angkringan is a right to sell rice and yogyakarta typical snack carts. The rice is sold here wrapped in small. Some people call it rice cat. Besides rice also sells various kinds of fried tempeh, tofu and bakwan. In addition to food also sells drinks such as tea, coffee, ginger and milk. Angkringan prambanan located west of Prambanan in the street, not to be missed.

6. Sunset and sunrise

Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours sixth adlaah enjoy sunries and sunset. Yogyakarta have much right to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Merapi, green mountain peaks, peak Nglanggeran are several places that you can visit to enjoy the sunrise in Yogyakarta. Parangtritis, machetes hill endok, Suroloyo peak, and the queen boko palace are some places that you can visit to enjoy the sunset.

7. Walk among banyan tree

Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours seventh is running between two trees in the square Beringan with eyes closed. Local residents named Masangin. Some people believe that if we managed to walk right in the middle of the banyan tree, the ideals we will succeed. Whether or not does not need dirisaukan.Yang clear to achieve goals requires hard work and perseverance as well as worship. This activity can be used as an entertainment activity.

8. Malioboro

Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours Malioboro eighth is visiting. not to Jogja if not to malioboro. Here you can buy trinkets souvenirs typical of Yogyakarta moved at an affordable price. But you have to be smart bargain, because the price offered is quite high but kalai you have your bargaining skills will get the goods at a low price.

9. Seeing Ramayana

Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours ninth adalan see Ramayana ballet performances at Prambanan. The ballet tells the story of the struggle to save the goddess shinta Ramayana in which Ravana kidnapped. Show was held in the evening from 7 till 9.Harga entry ticket is very affordable ranging from 50 thousand to economy class.

10.Goa tour

Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours, which last is the cave tour. In Yogyakarta especially Gunungkidul contained therein cave flowing underground river. We can down the underground river is by boat tires. Do not worry, you will be equipped with safety equipment and also guided by a local tour guide.

Thus earlier review on Top 10 To Do Yogyakarta Tours, may be a reference for those of you who want to enjoy Yogyakarta Tours.

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