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Posted: 04 November 2014
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Adrenaline Tourism Yogyakarta

Adrenaline Tourism Yogyakarta is very attractive tourists visiting Yogyakarta. There are a lot of adrenaline in Yogyakarta tourist can enjoy. This tour is quite challenging and in some places you will be equipped with safety equipment. So, you need not fear much less worry. You will also be accompanied by a tour guide who will explain about the areas visited as well as ensuring your safety. Here Adrenaline Tourism Yogyakarta.

1. Goa Pindul

Adrenaline Tourism Yogyakarta the first is quid Pindul cave. Goa is located in Gunung Kidul regency, Yogyakarta. To go to this place we can use the services rental mobil di yogyakarta. It’s so natural, we are treated to views of the karst mountains, the mountains of Gunung typical. After arriving at the location you will be equipped with safety equipment such as helmets, life vest and knee protectors. In the cave there Pindul underground river. We brought down the underground river along the cave. To prepare the dressing and clothes pakaiaan for wet-basahan. Inside the cave, while down the river we could enjoy the view of stalactites and stalagmites. It is very adrenaline for those who are unfamiliar.

2. Holy Kali

Adrenaline Tourism Yogyakarta is the second time the holy river edge which is located in Gunung Kidul yogyakarta Semanu. This tour is not much different from the fringe of the underground river cave Pindul. The difference is the distance of this holy time is longer than the cave Pindul. other than that in this holy time rapids are small enough to make our adrenaline rises. Here we will also be equipped with safety peralaan such as helmets, life vest and knee protectors.

3. Goa Jomblang

Adrenaline Tourism Yogyakarta third is Jomblang cave that is located adjacent to the holy times. For those who are afraid of heights advised not to try this tour. Because of this cave lies Jomblang her deep in the ground, we have a deep enough down the cliff using a rope that is tied up in our bodies and the ends are tied in a tree above the cave. We have to go down this cliff slowly. This activity is very adrenaline us. Likewise, when you finish up the cave we had to climb the cliff Jomblang use this rope. However, for our ride quite silent and berpengangan on the ropes course because the guide will pull us using the pulley. Here we also perlaatan is equipped with safety helmets, elbow protector knee protector dna.

4. Lava tour

Adrenaline Tourism Yogyakarta fourth is lava tour. This tour teretak in lerneg volcanoes. here we were taken to see the sights and former volcanoes Merapi eruption in 2010 and using a jeep or dirt bike. The most excellent time to enjoy this tour is the morning before sunrise or dusk sunset.

5. Rafting

Adrenaline Tourism Yogyakarta fifth is rafting or white water rafting. This activity is very challenging and adrenaline. if you can not swim, it does not matter because you’ll be equipped with a float that will make your body float in water even can not swim. In addition to our buoy is also equipped with safety helmet, kneepads, elbow protectors and a paddle. Each boat comprises a maximum of 6 people plus one person who served as a guide to give the command. There are several rafting place around Yogyakarta, which at times elo and times Progo Magelang. This tour can be enjoyed when the rainy season due to the dry season the water menyusust.

6. Paintball

Adrenaline Tourism Yogyakarta sixth is paintball. We will split into two groups and each group member will be equipped with paint guns. Each group will try to beat the other groups. There are several scenarios that can be selected, eg total eliminaiton. In this scenario the team or the winning team is the team that the number of members of his team more than the other team.

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