Awesome Newest Tour Destination in Yogyakarta
Posted: 27 March 2017
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Awesome Newest Tour Destination in Yogyakarta

Awesome Newest Tour Destination in Yogyakarta, I’m sure you have never come to this place. Because when we talk about tourism in Yogyakarta will never run out because almost every time tourist destination found new and interesting that makes us curious to come see. Yogyakarta Indonesia struggles to save a lot of history and Yogyakarta city students who until now recognized by many scholars and gave birth to the nation that is admired. But no less interesting, Yogyakarta has a natural charm, culture and countless and varied tour that makes a new inspiration and curious of all traveler in Indonesia and around the world to come to Yogyakarta.
Perhaps this you will not find this anywhere else, namely harmony in Yogyakarta, which is very impressive to everyone who has ever come in the city of Yogyakarta, had studied in Yogyakarta. Harmoni it is the atmosphere of the daily life of the citizens of Yogyakarta relaxed, friendly, unpretentious and full of jokes to everyone who met. With humility they always greet everyone. Yogyakarta also has a rare culinary treats which we rarely find anymore, and good food to be enjoyed at a bargain price. Here we will review the existing of Awesome Newest Tour Destination in Yogyakarta that you must know and we recommend of you, to visit and make a tour program while on vacation in Yogyakarta.
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1. Seeing Sunrise Borobudur temple in Bukit Situmbu

The first order of Awesome Newest Tour Destination in Yogyakarta first is to see sunrise Borobudur in Situmbu Hill. To see the sunrise at Borobudur temple, you are suggested to depart at 4:00 am from your hotel stay and travel approximately one hour by car rental service to get to the hill Situmbu in Magelang.Situmbu hill is a hill in the west of the temple of Borobudur temple. Here you can see the beauty of nature combined with beautiful sunrise with the background scenery of Mount Merapi and Borobudur temple. Really beautiful to enjoy the natural scenery is very, very dramatic that I had never seen.
Once done we headed to the Borobudur temple for a close look. Borobudur is a Buddhist temple and designated by UNESCO as a world heritage. Borobudur was built in the 9th century on Syailendar Dynasty. This temple has about 72 Stupa and about 500 statues and reliefs have the most complete in the world in 2650. It is a masterpiece of ancestors we should always be proud.

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2. Recognize Java Culture in Ullen Sentanu Museum

The Second order of Awesome Newest Tour Destination in Yogyakarta is visited to Ullen Sentanu museum located in Kaliurang tourism area.
With its unique shape of the building was built by Ullen Sentanu museum, Mr.Haryono a collector friendly Javanese culture shaped like castles or ancient style castel europe rastic and gotic style.During his time in Ulen Sentanu this museum, you will be guided by a tour guide to provide information about the collections at this museum.
You will be invited to Goa Selo Giri, this room is shaped like a cave with a brick structure. In this room there is a collection of paintings and photographs of relics of the palace of Yogyakarta and Solo palace wrapped in a story about each of these collections. It’s interesting for us to know as a civilized nation would be history in the past. Then in Selo Giri we look at the ancient batik collection with rare motifs we encounter at this time. After that we will also be invited to the Durga park which is the room culture in order to trim a variety of ancient statues, typical Javanese Bride Solo and Yogyakarta, classical dancer and ancient paintings.
The place is beautiful and cool with reuang artistic layout. So it is not wrong if this Museum became one of the best museums in the world according to the version Tripadvisor and National Geographic Magazine. So there is no harm in us discussing Ullen Sentanu is popular to be a material reference point our knowledge of Javanese culture.
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3. Kalibiru National Park in the Mountains Menoreh

The Third order of awesome newest tour destination in Yogyakarta is place in Kalibiru National Park at Menoreh Mountains, Kulon Progo and are in national parks or protected forests notch mountain located about 1 hour drive from Yogyakarta. The journey to Kalibiru uphill and narrow, it takes an experienced driver to get to know this place well.
On arrival at Kalibiru you will see fascinating natural beauty and stunning … beautiful !!. The sky was blue, the air is cool and fresh with shady trees tasted fresh off here. Natural blend of mountains and lakes overlay Sermo very … very dramatic, we feel will not saturate the natural look is especially Kalibiru no close friends stand beside us.
In Kalibiru tourist attractions in Yogyakarta is also a homestay with a price Rp.350.000 / night, Flying Fox facilities for tourists who are also adventurous and exciting Outbound spot photo is on the trees. Spot photo is a favorite of tourists to take pictures and silfie with the background scenery of the most popular.

Similarly, information about awesome newest tour destination in Yogyakarta at these times. For your reference, may be useful for your trip in Yogyakarta.

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