5 Best Seller Minibus for car rental in Yogyakarta
Posted: 29 January 2018
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Best Seller Minibus for Car Rental in Yogyakarta

Best Seller Minibus for car rental in Yogyakarta. Most choice traveller when take transportation for trip leisure in Yogyakarta with family members. Actually we can take advantage of the width of minibus car cabin to bring more passengers. That’s one of the reasons why travelers choose minibuses compared to using other freight services.

Yogyakarta is one of popular tourist places to be visited in Indonesia. Not only that in Yogyakarta also has many sights now a days are being sought by travelers who like travelling to enjoy the beauty of nature in Yogyakarta at this time. There are many tourist attractions that must be visited during their stay in Yogyakarta. One of them saw the famous of Borobudur temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world. Or you can see the beauty of natural scenery in Kalibiru National park in Kulonprogo which one of tourist attractions that are in great demand by domestic and foreign tourists. Many interesting sights in Yogyakarta are not enough for a day to explore.

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There are 3 important things you need to consider before you choose Best Seller Minibus for car rental in Yogyakarta :

After knowing some of these considerations and you just decide to choose 5 Best Seller Minibus for car rental in Yogyakarta. This information is necessary for the convenience of travel in Yogyakarta will be more memorable by using minibus from car rental company in Yogyakarta.

We have surveyed respondents who are mostly travelers. From the results of our survey, it turns out they choose 5 minibus bestsellers, including:

1. Rental Car using Toyota Avanza

Rental Car using Toyota Avanza is one of the most favored chooce by the tourists who are on vacation in Jogja. With a cheap price this car is rented from Price IDR.500.000 for 12 hours usage.
Rental Car using Toyota Avanza also has a seating capacity that can be used around five peoples with space luggage. And have air conditioner double blower that gives the coolness of travel in Yogyakarta feels more comfortable. Toyota Avanza is entered into Best Seller Minibus for car rental in Yogyakarta . You have to consider for you choose beside this minibus car has a fuel more efficient than the other minibus.

2. Hire Car Rental with Toyota Innova

Car Rental with Toyota Innova is the best choice for you who prioritizes the convenience of travel in Yogyakarta. Toyota Innova has a car body and a larger chassis than Toyota Avanza. Toyota Innova has a wider seat and a wider passenger cabin to carry your goods and suitcases. Equipped with a good audio system and AC Double Blower cooling system is more convenient for travel in Yogyakarta.

3. Luxury Car Toyota Alphard

Rent a car with Toyota Alphard will you feel the luxury of driving a car and feel the high comfort during the trip to enjoy the tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. The pleasures of Toyota Alphard luxury cars include a very spacious and comfortable passenger cabin and luxurious seating. Luxury car rental with Toyota Alphard in Yogyakarta is one of the exclusive and prestiges of you.

Car Rental with Toyota Alphard in Yogyakarta is very cheap when compared to your rental car in other cities in Jogja. Luxury car rental with Toyota Alphard is in great demand and the best choice for the executives and officials every holiday in Yogyakarta and enter 5 Best Seller Minibus for car rental in Yogyakarta.

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4. Big Minibus with Isuzu ELF

Car rental with Isuzu Elf is very suitable for use for groups of about 10 people. Minibus Isuzu Elf is the group’s favorite travel car for tourists, both foreign and domestic tourists who are on holiday in Yogyakarta.
Seating capacity is very much about 12-15 seats with a very wide luggage capacity equipped with audio system and equipped with cooling system from Nippon Denso. It provides a guarantee of comfort and coolness in this Isuzu Elf minibus car. Indonesia.

5. Choose with Toyota Hiace Commuter

One of best choose moinibus are take with Toyota Hiace Commuter, is very suitable for the choice of transportation for your group. This minibus capacity seat has 15 seats with with complete facilities for comfortable your travelling in Yogyakarta.We have the latest tourist bus with advanced air conditioning system and convenience in this tour bus. Comfortable and comfortable seating provides comfort while on the bus. Toyota Hiace Commuter is one of the Best Seller Minibus for car rental in Yogyakarta, the most preferred by travelers in

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So this article, may be useful in determining the choice of convenient transportation. Hoping have memorable during your stay in Yogyakarta to be used to explore the best tourist spots in Yogyakarta.

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