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Posted: 08 December 2014
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Borobudur Others Tour

Borobudur Others Tour. So far we know only Borobudur temple alone, when in fact Borobudur has tourism potential that is not inferior to the Borobudur temple. There are several other attractions in addition of course to enjoy the grandeur of Borobudur Borobudur temple. Tourism is rafting, outbound, fringe hill and cycling. All the borobudur tour you can enjoy at an affordable price. Here we discuss one by one traveling to the Borobudur temple. So far we know only Borobudur temple alone, when in fact Borobudur has tourism potential that is not inferior to the Borobudur temple.

1. Rafting

Rafting including adrenaline tour. It takes courage to enjoy this tour. But do not worry, even if you can not swim you still have a chance to enjoy the sights on this one. This is because every visitor that follow rafting will be given a standard safety equipment. But this can only be done rafting in the rainy season. In the dry season the water flow decreases so does not allow for mengapubgkan a boat.

2. Outbound

Besides rafting Borobudur temple area is also very suitable for outbound. Outbon dangat pentin to train cooperation. There are many tenpat to do rafting. And many were menggabubgkan rafting and outbound become one rnagkaian activity.

3. Fringe hill

The next tour is fringe rejo temple hill. A hill in the Borobudur temple. Usually used as a fringe hill with camping activities. In Borobudur temple area there are many places for camping.

4. Cycling

The fourth is cycling or cycling. Do not worry, you did not set need to bring a bike from home, all the bikes already dtersedia at tourist sites. Cycling is one of the fun of traveling activity.

Then how to get to this place? The trick snagat easy and affordable. The first one you can use the public bus. To use this bus you must first heading Jombor terminal or gowangan Yogyakarta Borobudur then look for the bus department. The fares are very affordable only 15 thousand dollars. But this bus is less favored because of slower and less comfortable. The second one you can use Damri bus from the airport. This is especially for those of you who use the plane. Or you can use a third shuttle monument station DAMRI of Yogyakarta. The fares are the same as DAMRI bus from the airport which is 50 thousand rupiahs. The fourth one you can use the rental mobil di yogyakarta. You will be picked up at any location of your arrival in Yogyakarta. Whether at the airport, station or terminal. Facility of pick up and drop off is one of the facilities offered by the rental car in Yogyakarta. Using a rental car in Yogyakarta price is a little more expensive, but given the highest comfort compared to other transportation stains. You simply contact Jogja rent car. And then leave it to Car Rental in Yogyakarta. Borobudur Others Tour. Borobudur Others Tour. Borobudur Others Tour.

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