Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta
Posted: 15 February 2014
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Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta ,  Spacious interior with sedan comfort, equipped with 10-12 seats. Suspension persnail make more comfortable and cushioned ride in the car Travello / pregio. Exterior body design that is designed for passenger cars and roomy interior are very suitable for use in tourist or passenger transport business. A most qualified driving performance in its class.

Features KIA Travello

Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta is wonder So mainstay! So roughly a tag pinned to the Korean car manufacturer’s multi-function. Combining several important points such as the impression Modern, Driving Comfort and Economical:

1.MODERN, with a modern and aerodynamic design makes Rental Car Travello  more proud to drive.
2.COMFORT DRIVE, with a suspension that is in the design for passengers and the distance of the width of the wheel and the vehicle body are low makes the Car Rental Travello  comfortable to drive.
3.ECONOMIC, with a 2700cc diesel engines rely on funding environmentally friendly fuel efficient and competitive pricing make Rental Car Kia Travello  most economical in its class.

SAFE, equipped with LSPV (Load Sensing Valve Proposioning) that serves as a divider braking load on the front wheels and the rear wheels so as to maximize braking and prevent understeer.

Overview Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta 

Various types of car minibus for Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta or the passenger car has some distinct advantages in each particular car minibus KIA Travello, when compared with the kind of car such as Isuzu Elf, Toyota Hiace Commuter or Toyota Innova. Kia minibus Travello actually have a kind of brother is KIA Pregio. From the feature is 80% had most samething.

Differences feature in this car is a car KIA Travello is a kind of goods in buitl up into a passenger car or microbus to use this car as part of a means of transportation in Indonesia. But unlike the KIA Pregio that is specially made for passenger cars or minibuses built up from the country of Korea with a level of comfort and features vary much with the car’s siblings.

Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta, both cars are now widely used by the car rental companies or car rental in Yogyakarta, tourist transport Travel and Tour as an option for freight transport and travel the tourists who were vacationing in Yogyakarta. With a seating capacity of 10 passengers with 4 lines where the first line for 3 people including the driver. With cabin items behind rather narrow. This is a flaw that must be done by KIA car factory to make improvements in this car.

During the past 10 years for use of a car rental in Yogyakarta, which has a car Kia Travello Diesel engine with a power 2.700cc 80Dk at 4,000 rpm and torque of 165NM quite a bit slower and not powerful when compared with competitors in the car class minibus or passenger car. Lodging climbs the car does not have power, even the car driver should be extra patient in driving this car.

This car is not suitable for such climbs in the Dieng plateau in Wonosobo, Kaliurang at Mount Merapi, or even to travel to Mount Bromo in East Java. Do not rent a car for the use of the car rental to places of tourist with an uphill road. Besides, Travello KIA car with the car body are not in accordance with or unbalanced braking system. While high-speed cars will be slightly, it takes an experienced driver rental car to drive this car. 

But many car rental customers in Jogja who really like this car rental or rent a car to be used in short distance trips such as visiting Borobudur, Prambanan and Yogyakarta Kraton as well as to the City tour which is used in the flat and bumpy. For the road conditions Travello KIA Mobil will feel comfortable with the soft suspension using leaf springs at the rear of the car’s axis and each suspension by using a special coil in the Car KIA Pregio.

As a special microbus minibus or tourist transport car is also equipped with Air Conditioner in this car. For AC at KIA Pregio better by using Double blower samapai rearward cabin but in KIA Travelllo not Double blower so that the circulation of cool air can not be evenly distributed to the cabin. It is often the case in a complaint each customer’s lease or rental car. And if you want a Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta, you will enjoy the features CD / Tape Music system in the car to get rid of boredom during your journey traveled in Yogyakarta. Where there are four speakers, two front and two at the rear.

But there are advantages and benefits for you if you want to rent a car or a Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta. You will get a cheaper price than you rent a car or microbus minibus such as Isuzu Elf or Toyota Hiace Commuter. Kia Travello cheaper and can adjust the budget holiday in Yogyakarta.

Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta to Jogja Tours

Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta is really suitable for day trips or tours in Yogyakarta. You can compare the price is more lowest than your take Tour Package to Travel Agent. You just pay directly the entrance fee/ticket on the spot and pay car rental with driver speaking english. Our driver have experiences to other tourist destination in Jogja and will be accompany you during your travel in Yogyakarta.

JOZ 01 – Borobudur Tour

Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta to Borobudur Tour (JOZ-01) : Borobudur Temple than Mt.Merapi and Prambanan temple Pick up at the hotel or airport. Visiting Borobudur , one of the World Heritage Site and the largest Buddhist temple. After that trip tour to see one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes is Mount Merapi. My last visit to the site is impressive Hindu… Read More

JOZ 02 – Jogja City Tour

Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta to Jogja City Tour Jogja City Tour ( JOZ-02) : Pick up at your hotel. Straight trip to the palace, as the kingdom of Mataram was built in 1757 and the center of Javanese culture. The next destination to visit Taman Sari, where one of the unique architecture in Jogja. Subsequent visits to the home industry batik / batik village. Then visit Kotagede, silver handicraft center and Parangtritis beach.… Read More

JOZ 03 – Gunung Kidul Tour

Car RentalTravello in Yogyakarta to Gunung Kidul Tour Gunung Kidul Tour : Morning departure from the hotel straight to Pindul Cave, Cavewhich is contained in the flow of the river and you can enjoy the beauty of the river traveled in such Cave. Proceed to Baron and along the coast we can treat a wide variety of beautiful beaches with white sand. The event then ends at Indrayanti Beach, one of the favorite beach clean beach with white sand and a beautiful sunset.… Read More

JOZ 04 – Solo City Tour

Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta to Solo City Tour Solo City Tour (JOZ-04) : Mangkunegaran-Triwindu-Kampung Batik Laweyan Early Morning visit the palace Mangkunegaran, as a historic place in Surakarta. Built in 1745 and continues to the Windujenar / Triwindu antique market selling a variety of antiques and suvenir. Than continued towards Batik villages separately Laweyan very cheap here and Visiting Danar Hadi Batik Museum… Baca Lengkap

JOZ 05 – Religius Tour

Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta to Religius Tour ( JOZ-05) : Morning departure from the hotel. Go directly to Maria Cave Lourdes Sendangsono, built in 1927. Then towards Lawangsih with stunning natural scenery, in both Maria cave is very beautiful and so quiet and peaceful here every we pray. The event then ends at Ganjuran Church, the old church was built in 1924 with the atmosphere of Javanese culture. Read More

JOZ 06 – Dieng Plateau Tours

Car Rental Travello in Yogyakarta to Dieng Plateau Tours Dieng Plateau Tours ( JOZ-06) : Morning pick up at the Airport or Hotel. Go directly to Dieng Plateau, on the way to see the beautiful valley cleft, stopping at the sikadang charter than to color lake and vegetables plantations in the mysterious Dieng Plateau with lush forests, bubbling pools, lakes and colorfull remnants shrine of Hindu temple . Dieng Plateau at an altitude of 6,000 feet. Baca Lengkap

Price Car Rental for Package Tour in Yogyakarta

KIA Travello/Pregio
JOZ 01-Yogyakarta Tour Rp.800.000
JOZ 02-Jogja Sightseeing Rp.800.000
JOZ 03-Gunung Kidul Beach Rp.9.000.000
JOZ 04-Solo Sightseeing Rp.9.000.000
JOZ 05-Religius Tour Rp.9.000.000
JOZ 06-Dieng Plateau Rp.1.700.000

We also would be offering many Package Tours that you can use for reference travel in Yogyakarta.

Term and Condition Car Rental in Yogyakarta

  • Such price Duration Usage In 12 Hours per day.
  • Price Includes: Rental Cars, Gasoline, Driver.
  • Price DOES NOT Include: Admission Travel, Parking, Spot, Tip driver
  • All prices for Itinerary and use of Yogyakarta Region.
  • Hourly overtimes of 10% of Basic Price Rental Car
  • Outside Yogyakarta user to be added in accordance Rates.
  • Such price Car Selected Depending on type.

How to Make Order Car Rental in Yogyakarta

How to Order Car Rental in Yogyakarta, it is essential to book in advance to take before you are planning a vacation in Yogyakarta. Because at a certain time in Jogja when Weekend, Eid, Christmas and national holidays are often filled by tourists who want to vacation in Yogyakarta. Sometimes not available units KIA Travello for these moments. Therefore, we recommend to make a reservation for Car Rental in Yogyakarta in advance, so that the event does not travel in Yogyakarta is disorderly tour due to not getting the Car Rental.

Booking Car Rental in Jogja:

We will respond to your request as soon as possible, you will give the qoute the price after we inform you about the availability of units of Car Rental in Yogyakarta. If you are interested and agree with our price, we recommend to send a downpayment of 30% of the total price. And we will do KEEP the type of car to your date and we never given to other customers.

Down payment can be transfer to:

Bank Central Asia, Mangkubumi-Yogyakarta

Account Number: 1260451312

In the Name: Joko Murtopo

After you make transfer a payment downpayment, we will do the book and keeping of your car reservation and we’ll send your payment receipt via email, rest payment can be done once upon arrival at Airport in Yogyakarta or Meet you with our staff in Yogyakarta.

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday from 8:00 to 16:30

Saturday at 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Sundays and National Holidays Rem

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