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Posted: 12 April 2014
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Rental Car Isuzu ELF One of the cars are very popular with customers for use vacation / tour in Yogyakarta. They melilih rental car isuzu elf for groups and families. These vehicles can be reliable as an increasingly preferred vehicle for travel / tourism transport, car rental in Yogyakarta. Isuzu Elf has a maximum capacity of 10-12 passengers. This car is very wide and long with the support of a large machine that makes Isuzu ELF become a travel vehicle was very comfortable although for long trips though..

Features Rental Car New Isuzu ELF

Rental Car New Isuzu ELF is a medium duty truck produced by Isuzu since 1959. Outside Japan it is known as N-series. The range was originally mainly available in Japan and other Asian countries. Australia was another important market for the Elf and N-Series – to the extent that it was manufactured there from the 1970s using many local components. Since the early 1980s, it has also been sold and built in the United States (under the Chevrolet and GMC brand as a W-Series), and also as the Isuzu N-series. North America only receives the wide-bodied version.

Introducing the next generation of excellence. Rental Car Isuzu ELF gives you higher performance on every level – styling, engineering, safety, economy and environmental-friendliness – all based on new global standards. By offering a wide range of variants, Rental Car Isuzu ELF meets the needs of businesses with a model perfect for every application, while working in harmony with society and the environment.

The all-new 4HK1-TC with High-Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection System and ISUZU 6-speed transmission [MYY6S] offers best-in-class* power as well as superb fuel economy, making ISUZU ELF ideal for businesses seeking cost-effective operation.

Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Yogyakarta, one of minibus highly favored by customers and tough for a trip to the mount of Merapi, suitable for use vacation or tour in Yogyakarta. Our customers always choose the car of Isuzu elf for group and family. This vehicle can be relied upon as the most preferred more vehicles for transportation of travel / tourism, car rental in Yogyakarta. Isuzu Elf has a maximum capacity of 10-12 passengers.

The cabin is wide and long with great force,  Isuzu ELF engine into a vehicle makes the trip very comfortable and although popular with our customers for long trips. One of the favorite cars used in the transport business travel or Car Rental in Yogyakarta. A performance driving the most qualified in the class Microbus.


Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Jogja

Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Jogja

Specification Isuzu Elf for Rental Car in Jogja

Name Isuzu ELF is very famous in the automotive product in the world, especially for the use of passenger cars and famous toughness recalcitrant machinery and responsibilities in all fields. In Jogja and Yogyakarta to the Isuzu ELF is widely used as the best option any company’s transportation and Car Rental in Jogja for use as tourist transportation in Yogyakarta. Most Isuzu ELF on a raft in the body of a well-known like the body of a famous is Adiputro Karoseri in Malang neat and sturdy, or autobody New Armada in Magelang were very popular in the automotive world and national assembly levels.

Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Yogyakarta, you first need to know about this. Isuzu ELF that is the kind of car or minibus microbus passengers for transport is highly reliable  with a formidable engine equipped with a capacity 2.771cc to produce 100ps. It’s huge power among minibus car in its class. Besides, if you want a rental car Isuzu Elf in Yogyakarta are also available with a seating capacity of 10 people and 15 people with goods rather small cabins. Then cabins that look simple with a dashboard that gave them a little change to the car’s driving comfort.


Intirior Isuzu Elf for Rental Car in Jogja

It is important that you should know before Rental Car Isuzu Elf  in Yogyakarta using Isuzu ELF is about Intirior Isuzu ELF, it is very simple to date with has 4 to 5 rows of seats. Isuzu ELF also provided a capacity of 10 people and 15 people with different prices, you can rent according to the needs of your passenger numbers.

In the microbus intirior also include Air Conditioner which cools the passenger cabin equally, because each line on the right and left seat there is air conditioning blower. Also there are three exits that facilitate outgoing and incoming passengers smoothly and quickly. Besides, Isuzu ELF as the Microbus for passengers to Group also provides cabin items so spacious to accommodate passengers goods.

The Size of Isuzu ELF car cabin is very spacious with a width of approximately 1.695mm to approximately 4.590mm car lengths. With spacious cabin that can accommodate a passenger capacity of 15 people and goods. And the convenience of the Isuzu Elf with cars reaching a height 2,127mm. The cabins are perfect for class microbus or minibus is powered cars intiorior charming design and modern ceiling of the famous car body company. Plus Firu intertament form LED TV for entertainment with Audio System to entertain in your trip in Yogyakarta.

Ekterior & Body Isuzu Elf for Rental Car in Jogja

One important thing that you should know before Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Yogyakarta is about the exterior Isuzu ELF perfect when compared to the minibus and microbus cars in its class such as Toyota Hiace Commuter and KIA Travello / Pregio.

Exterior Isuzu ELF in Jogja is very impressive for the passengers who rented the car for the convenience of the car. Because Isuzu ELF has Tempered Glass or Glass Tempering that are on the side of right and left side and rear that facilitate passengers to see the beauty of nature during a sightseeing trip in Yogyakarta.

Besides, there is an excess Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Jogja has a minimalist design and modern grooves with headlamp futuristic and attractive sign lights bright and clear for traffic safety. With Stop sign pillar-shaped, elongated, sporty on the back of this car headlights Isuzu Elf. Car design is elegant and sporty with grill dynamic font makes the front of the Isuzu ELF NHR 55, increasingly seems fine and dandy.

Engine & Suspension for Rental Car in Yogyakarta

One important thing that you should know before Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Yogyakarta is about the engine and suspension in the Isuzu ELF best. It’s important Performance of the machines used by berjenis4JB1-TC Diesel engine with a capacity 2.800cc with power of 100ps runway with rotation torque reaches 3400rpm. It’s a great engine power class car microbus for now.

In addition Isuzu Elf diesel engine is also fairly fuel efficient, so it is suitable for those who have a car rental business in Yogyakarta, means of transportation in Yogyakarta. Isuzu ELF in Jogja with NHR Type 55 is also equipped with cople which serves to connect the drive to the machine with the rear axle, so the rear wheel is able to be drawn by the engine power is great and is able to provide rapid acceleration and lightweight.

Besides that we do not lose Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Jogja with a more comfortable suspension dayatampung despite having more passengers. And luxury car suspension should be applied to this car to perfection traveling leisure trip. And more importantly, Isuzu motors have to change the shape of the car body is more moder and aerodynamic as well as has been done by changing the shape of the body Toyota Toyota Innova and Avanza.


Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Jogja

Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Jogja

Rental Car Isuzu ELF in Yogyakarta to Jogja Tours

Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Jogja is really suitable for day trips or tours in Yogyakarta. You can compare the price is more lowest than your take Tour Package to Travel Agent. You just pay directly the entrance fee/ticket on the spot and pay car rental with driver speaking english. Our driver have experiences to other tourist destination in Jogja and will be accompany you during your travel in Yogyakarta.

JOZ 01 – Borobudur Tour

Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Jogja to Borobudur Tour (JOZ-01) : Borobudur Temple than Mt.Merapi and Prambanan temple Pick up at the hotel or airport. Visiting Borobudur , one of the World Heritage Site and the largest Buddhist temple. After that trip tour to see one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes is Mount Merapi. My last visit to the site is impressive Hindu… Read More

JOZ 02 – Jogja City Tour

Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Yogyakarta to Jogja City Tour Jogja City Tour ( JOZ-02) : Pick up at your hotel. Straight trip to the palace, as the kingdom of Mataram was built in 1757 and the center of Javanese culture. The next destination to visit Taman Sari, where one of the unique architecture in Jogja. Subsequent visits to the home industry batik / batik village. Then visit Kotagede, silver handicraft center and Parangtritis beach.… Read More

JOZ 03 – Gunung Kidul Tour

Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Jogja to Gunung Kidul Tour Gunung Kidul Tour : Morning departure from the hotel straight to Pindul Cave, Cavewhich is contained in the flow of the river and you can enjoy the beauty of the river traveled in such Cave. Proceed to Baron and along the coast we can treat a wide variety of beautiful beaches with white sand. The event then ends at Indrayanti Beach, one of the favorite beach clean beach with white sand and a beautiful sunset.… Read More

JOZ 04 – Solo City Tour

Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Jogja to Solo City Tour Solo City Tour (JOZ-04) : Mangkunegaran-Triwindu-Kampung Batik Laweyan Early Morning visit the palace Mangkunegaran, as a historic place in Surakarta. Built in 1745 and continues to the Windujenar / Triwindu antique market selling a variety of antiques and suvenir. Than continued towards Batik villages separately Laweyan very cheap here and Visiting Danar Hadi Batik Museum… Baca Lengkap

JOZ 05 – Religius Tour

Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Jogja to Religius Tour ( JOZ-05) : Morning departure from the hotel. Go directly to Maria Cave Lourdes Sendangsono, built in 1927. Then towards Lawangsih with stunning natural scenery, in both Maria cave is very beautiful and so quiet and peaceful here every we pray. The event then ends at Ganjuran Church, the old church was built in 1924 with the atmosphere of Javanese culture. Read More

JOZ 06 – Dieng Plateau Tours

Rental Car Isuzu Elf in Jogja to Dieng Plateau Tours Dieng Plateau Tours ( JOZ-06) : Morning pick up at the Airport or Hotel. Go directly to Dieng Plateau, on the way to see the beautiful valley cleft, stopping at the sikadang charter than to color lake and vegetables plantations in the mysterious Dieng Plateau with lush forests, bubbling pools, lakes and colorfull remnants shrine of Hindu temple . Dieng Plateau at an altitude of 6,000 feet. Baca Lengkap

Price Car Rental for Package Tour in Yogyakarta

New Isuzu Elf
JOZ 01-Yogyakarta Tour Rp.900.000
JOZ 02-Jogja Sightseeing Rp.900.000
JOZ 03-Gunung Kidul Beach Rp.1.000.000
JOZ 04-Solo Sightseeing Rp.1.000.000
JOZ 05-Religius Tour Rp.1.000.000
JOZ 06-Dieng Plateau Rp.1.500.000

We also would be offering many Package Tours that you can use for reference travel in Yogyakarta.

Term and Condition Rental Car in Yogyakarta

  • Such price Duration Usage In 12 Hours per day.
  • Price Includes: Rental Cars, Gasoline, Driver.
  • Price DOES NOT Include: Admission Travel, Parking, Spot, Tip driver
  • All prices for Itinerary and use of Yogyakarta Region.
  • Hourly overtimes of 10% of Basic Price Rental Car
  • Outside Yogyakarta user to be added in accordance Rates.
  • Such price Car Selected Depending on type.

How to Make Order Rental Car in Yogyakarta

How to Order Car Rental in Yogyakarta, it is essential to book in advance to take before you are planning a vacation in Yogyakarta. Because at a certain time in Jogja when Weekend, Eid, Christmas and national holidays are often filled by tourists who want to vacation in Yogyakarta. Sometimes not available units Isuzu Elf for these moments. Therefore, we recommend to make a reservation for Car Rental in Yogyakarta in advance, so that the event does not travel in Yogyakarta is disorderly tour due to not getting the Car Rental.

Booking Car Rental in Jogja:

We will respond to your request as soon as possible, you will give the qoute the price after we inform you about the availability of units of Car Rental in Yogyakarta. If you are interested and agree with our price, we recommend to send a downpayment of 30% of the total price. And we will do KEEP the type of car to your date and we never given to other customers.

Down payment can be transfer to:

Bank Central Asia, Mangkubumi-Yogyakarta

Account Number: 1260451312

In the Name: Joko Murtopo

After you make transfer a payment downpayment, we will do the book and keeping of your car reservation and we’ll send your payment receipt via email, rest payment can be done once upon arrival at Airport in Yogyakarta or Meet you with our staff in Yogyakarta.

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday from 8:00 to 16:30

Saturday at 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Sundays and National Holidays Remain Open.

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