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Posted: 27 January 2018
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5 Benefits Car Rental with Driver in Yogyakarta

5 Benefits Car Rental with driver in Yogyakarta, we recommend to you will be make travel plan in Jogja. Hire car rental in Yogyakarta is option an efficient and cost-effective way for a more comfortable your family holiday. Posible you do not need to waste energy.
Just another information for you, that car rental service in Jogja there are 2 kinds option of services. First services are car rental with driver and Second service are car rental service without driver.

Each of these services has the benefits that you will get and the risks that you have to bear. We will review the benefits of car rental with driver in Yogyakarta, so that your travel time during stay in Yogyakarta you can use well. Do not let your time is only 2-3 days in Jogja confused and time wasted by things that interfere with family vacation. One of them you must bear compensation for damage to a car hired without a driver in case of accident or damage.
Information survei from Indonesia Tourist Ministry have 5 benefits of car rental with driver in Yogyakarta that you need to know before you take a vacation to a tourist place in Yogyakarta.

1. Do not Throw Energy.

Most trips to tourist attractions in Yogyakarta are located a little way from your hotel stay. As an example of a trip to Borobudur temple about 65 km or can be reached by journey by car approximately 1.5 hours. This will waste your energy, especially during the holiday season you will be exposed to a longer jam which makes you feel tired.

Specially for tour program to the Gunungkidul, travel time of about 3-4 hours. That will be waste your energy. Plus the location of tourist attractions that are not easy to travel for begining tourists come to Gunungkidul.

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2. Driver as your Tour Guide

We provide drivers who come from the original Jogja to serve car rental services in Yogyakarta. With a native driver from Jogja who is experienced, you will know about the tourist attractions, historical places and local people’s legends that can be a unique story during your journey.
Besides with the driver as Tour Guide will help more easily find the tourist attractions that you want and can provide information about the history and the exact location of the visited tourist attraction, culinary attractions and typical cuisine Jogja shopping souvenirs and souvenirs typical of Jogja.

3. More Convenient of you

By choosing a car rental service with driver in Yogyakarta will make your travel more comfortable for you. You and your family stay sit sweet, our driver will drive where you want to go. Like to tourist attractions, restaurants or culinary according to your taste, where batik shopping and souvenirs. That way your vacation time, can be used more quality and closer to your entire family without wasted time because of confused to find a way that did not meet. Leave it to our driver to arrange your trip in Yogyakarta.

And often happens during tourist trips that are not realized by tourists is confused looking for people who will help portrait family photos. Right? Accompanied by the driver during his stay at the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, of course will be able to help you to take photos with family. You just teach the driver how to operate your camera.

4. Not Lost in Yogyakarta

You do not have bad experience events get lost during the holidays in Yogyakarta, because you lose the internet connection network in the location you are headed to the tourist attractions. You can not access on Google Map and lose directions that cause you to get lost. Or your Celluler drop off the battery. This will make your holiday travel time will be wasted.

For additional information, there are many tourist attractions in Yogyakarta that have beautiful scenery, but are in remote areas and there is no internet connection network. As in the area attractions in Gunungkidul and tourist attractions Kalibiru National Park and tourist attractions in Kulonprogo. So you can be more careful in that area. We suggest you can book car rental with driver in Yogyakarta for your safety.

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5. More Safer and No Risks.

To take a vacation trip with family give the best for your family. Make reservation car rental with driver in Yogyakarta, you will feel more secure and no resiko. Feel safe because if on the way to the tourist attractions through steep and dangerous road that you have never passed.
Our experienced driver will feel safe in the road conditions that can be resolved well.

Do not have to worry, the car suffered damage in the middle of the road. Sometimes you can experience flat tires and exhausted car batteries that stop in the middle of the road. While you do not have that experience. By car rental with driver in Yogyakarta, it can easily be overcome our driver and not waste your vacation time.

You can choose to choose Sewa Mobil or Car Rental with driver in Yogyakarta by ordering to our custumer service. Car Rental Service with driver in Yogyakarta also includes car fuel and rental car cost within 12 hours/day. And the price does not include driver’s money and driver’s tip as a service reward that satisfies you. So it’s easier. Right? and please try it in your holiday in Yogyakarta for this year.

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