goa pindul, gunung kidul, Yogyakarta
Posted: 24 March 2015
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Goa Pindul a new tourist spot in Gunung Kidul, precisely in the village Bejiharjo. This attraction has a unique and distinctive, namely in the form of Goa with rock stakatit very beautiful with so swift river flows underground and is located in Goa Pindul.
To enjoy the beauty of Goa Pindul, you can use the tires to float down the river while enjoying the beauty of the rocks Stakatit and charming karst rock that was in every wall of Goa as well as many rock stakalit hanging from the ceiling Goa Pindul with occasional tears . You will be guided by a Local Guide to guide you here and accompany you down the river in this cave. River water is in this cave that is not so swift still at this level, is perfect for adventure holiday with your family.
goa pindul, gunung kidul, Yogyakarta

goa pindul, gunung kidul, Yogyakarta

History of Goa Pindul.
The days of the struggle of the Republic of Indonesia, Goa Pindul used as hiding the Indonesian military base at the time and was part of the strategy of guerrilla war to retake the city of Yogyakarta as a capital of the State of Indonesia led by Commander General Sudirman.

Legend Goa Pindul can not be separated from local folklore. The story of Joko Singlulung in the course of searching for his parents. While it Joko Singlulung looking samapai amid wilderness and mountains thousand and finally he hit his cheek in Goa’s mouth. So this is called Goa Pindul. Pindul which means that the Java language means pipine gebendul which means cheeks hit.
Location Goa Pindul in the south of the city of  Jogja, Yogyakarta. Located about 70 KM or can be reached during the 1.5 hour from the city of Yogyakarta by using private cars. Directions to get to Goa Pindul not so much public transportation to access the tourist attractions here. We recommend you to rent a car / rental car in Yogyakarta. Our recommendations on the best car rental center in Yogyakarta you can contact jogjarentcar.com to reservation car rental online with  to
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goa pindul, gunung kidul, Yogyakarta

goa pindul, gunung kidul, Yogyakarta

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