Enjoying Beach Tour Yogyakarta
Posted: 11 October 2014
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Enjoying Beach Tour Yogyakarta

Enjoying Beach Tour Yogyakarta is endless. You can visit with JogjaRentCar, Car Rental in Yogyakarta. Beaches in Yogyakarta is located along the southern coast of Yogyakarta, ranging from Kulon Progo, Bantul until Gunungkidul. Various beaches can be found in Yogyakarta, from gentle to steep, from black sand to white sand. Everything you enjoy in Yogyakarta. One of the charm of the beach in Yogyakarta is the big waves. This is because the beach in Yogyakarta is the Indian Ocean Coast, so it is natural to have big waves. The waves were big travelers is often utilized both within and outside the country to swim to enjoy the beach especially when the holiday season. But we must be careful, large waves could drag us into the middle of the ocean and the less likely we can come back again.

Enjoying Beach Tour Yogyakarta, especially in Gunungkidul have distinctly different views of the other beaches in Yogyakarta. The scenery is typical of the karst mountains. Gunugkidul does have mountains or mountain limestone karst. This karst mountains even in the entire region of Gunungkidul. Behind the charming beach sand is white, decorated beach Gunungkidul karst mountains in the background. Besides the beach in Gunungkidul shaped like a small cove beach baron. To visit the beach in Gunungkidul we must first pass through the karst mountains. Sights that are not encountered in other tourist attractions in Yogyakarta.

Enjoying Beach Tour Yogyakarta others have different characteristics. The beaches in Bantul and Kulon Progo have similar characteristics. The beaches in Bantul and Kulon Progo is a gently sloping beach and black sand. One of the beauty is the sunset. The beaches in Bantul and Kulon Progo have a beautiful view of the sunset. Parangtritis beach one. Parangtritis beach is located in the southern coastal district of Bantul. In addition to extensive beaches, Parangtritis most preferred for swimming. But we must be careful. When the big waves coming we better pull over.

Another beach in Yogyakarta, which has a beauty that is not inferior to Parangtritis Beach and beaches in Gunungkidul is Glagah and Congot Beach. Both of these beaches is located in Kulon Progo Regency. Just as Parangtritis, the second beach has a beautiful sunset view of the mountains combined with Kulon Progo in the north adds to the uniqueness of beaches in Kulon Progo.

The beaches in Yogyakarta does have its own uniqueness that makes us not boring tourist. Hopefully Enjoying Beach Tour Yogyakarta helpful for those of you who plan tours or holiday in Yogyakarta.

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