Forgotten Solo Selo Borobudur Tour Region
Posted: 18 November 2014
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Forgotten Solo Selo Borobudur Tour Region

Forgotten Solo Selo Borobudur Tour Region is caused by damage to the road connecting the city and the city of Magelang solo. Along the way there is a very beautiful tourist area that unfortunately if you miss when you travel in Yogyakarta or Yogyakarta tours. To traverse this area are advised to use four-wheel drive, because there are several roads that suffered considerable damage. Moreover, being the rainy season, roads are damaged contain sufficient rainwater dangerous for motorcyclists. Solo Travel Selo region Borobudur Forgotten starting from boyolali district, Central Java. In this district there is apparently a very interesting attraction, following a review of Forgotten Solo Selo Borobudur Tour Region.

1. New Selo

Forgotten Solo Selo Borobudur Tour Region first is a new cello cello located in the district of Central Java boyolali district. This place is a favorite because it is in the midst of volcanos and mountains merbabu. If the weather is sunny in the morning we could enjoy both the mountain peaks. In this place there is a resting place in the form of joglo. For mountaineers, this place is a favorite location for climbing. In addition to more secure, climb peaks merpai through this place also take a shorter distance. For those of you who want to visit this place are advised to bring warm clothes because shu air in this place is pretty cool.

2. Niagara Kedung Kayang

Forgotten Solo Selo Borobudur Tour Region second is kedung Kayang waterfall. In addition to new cello kedung Kayang waterfall is a favorite tourist in boyolali. It is located just 5 kilometers from the cello towards magelang. To reach this place we had to walk down the path as far as about 500 meters. Not many people have had to know this place, so it was very quiet. Cascading waterfall of black rock waterfall adds to the beautiful charm kedung Kayang.

3. substation of View Ketep

Forgotten Solo Selo Borobudur Tour Region third is Ketep viewing post. One of the favorite tourist attractions in the district Magelang Central Java. From this place, if the weather was clear we could enjoy the mountain top 5. In the east we could see the peak of Mount Merapi and merbabu. AT west we could see the top of the mountain and the mountain cleft and Sindoro slamet. And if the weather is really clear we could see the mountains and mountain anong Tidar. Advised to visit this tempay morning before jam9.

4. Borobudur

Forgotten Solo Selo Borobudur Tour Region latter is Borobudur temple located in the district of Central Java Muntilan. Actually before the Borobudur temple there are also other temples of the kingdom of Mataram, the temple Mendut. In addition to the Borobudur temple and temple Mendut we can also enjoy favorite tourist enough adrenaline, the rafting tour.

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