geoheritage tourism in yogyakarta
Posted: 01 November 2014
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Geoheritage Tourism in Yogyakarta

Geoheritage Tourism Yogyakarta is a unique tour in Yogyakarta. There are nine geohritage tour in Jogjakarta that can be visited. Geoheritage ie one that has a value outcrop geology major and easily accessible. Mentioned Geoheritage because can know the system as well as the history of the earth on which we live. From this website can also make the facility‘s official or non-formal education. Here Geoheritage Tourism Yogyakarta.

1. Eocene gamping stone monument

Geoheritage Tourism Yogyakarta, the first is gamping stone monument. Local residents call it a gamping mountain because its shape resembles limestone mountains but small. This area is often used by geologists to conduct research.

2. Lava bantal Berbah

Tourism Yogyakarta geoheritage second is pillow lava or lava bantal. Yes, his name is pillow lava, but do not be mistaken this is a pillow. Pillow lava is the result of a volcanic eruption under the sea millions of years ago. Now the form of a pillow lava river rocks surrounded by very beautiful. This place really is a virgin and not many people know.

3. Deposition Ijo temples of ancient volcanic

Geoheritage Tourism in Yogyakarta, the third is the green temples of ancient volcanic deposits. Ijo temple itself is located in the southeast of the temple of Prambanan about 5 km. It is not difficult to find this place.

4. Goa Kiskenda Kulonprogro

Geoheritage Tourism Yogyakarta, the fourth is a cave located in the district Kiskenda Kulon Progo about 30 miles west of the city of Yogyakarta. IN this cave there are rocks millions of years old. It is said that the cave was motivated legend Kiskendo MahesosuroLembusuro battle against SugriwoVali, the complete manner depicted in relief on the side of the mouth of the cave. Kiskendo Goa is very interesting because we met a lot of ornaments in the form of stalactites and cave stalaknit millions of years old made ​​in the typical landscape Kiskendo cave.
5. Regions of mined manganese kliripan

Tourism in Yogyakarta geoheritage fifth is mined manganese in kliripan located in the district of Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. In the 1950s it became a mining manganese tmapt large enough even before Indonesia’s independence, the Dutch colonizers had brought to Europe manganese.

6. Nglanggeran ancient volcano

Geoheritage Tourism Yogyakarta sixth Nglanggeran ancient volcano is located in the district of Gunung Kidul Regency Yogyakarta pecking. It is not difficult to find this place. There have been many signposts to that location. We can also camp at the top of this ancient volcano. In the morning we could enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

7. The coastal area Wediombosiung

Geoheritage Tourism Yogyakarta is the siung Wediombo coastal areas. In this area are the result of a volcanic eruption rocks underwater. According to research by geologists Wediombo coast millions of years ago there were underwater volcanoes.

8. Site bioturbasi Ngalang River

Geoheritage Tourism Yogyakarta eighth is bioturbasi  located in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta Ngalang River. Bioturbasi is the process of weathering of soil and sediment at the bottom of the ocean biology.

9. Regions parangtritis geology sandbanks.

Geoheritage Tourism Yogyakarta ninth are sand dunes in Parangtritis Bantul Yogyakarta. The sand dunes in this is a small grain of sand that forms a mound of sand due to wind. The sand itself is a result of the eruption of volcanoes and eroded by the waves.

Similarly, earlier in the Geoheritage Tourism Yogyakarta very unique and beautiful place to visit. To visit these places you can contact jogja rent car car rental in Yogyakarta which offer attractive tour packages.

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