Gunungkidul Tours Package
Posted: 08 November 2014
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Gunungkidul Tours Package

Gunungkidul Tours Package provided by jogja rent car best car rental in Yogyakarta. Gunungkidul Tours Package tourists will be invited to tour the visiting tourist spots in Gunungkidul favorites and unique. Especially in Gunung there geoheritage tourist and sightseeing adrenaline. So do not miss Gunungkidul Tours Package. Gunungkidul Tours Package can enjoy the start of the 500. 000 rupiah depending on travel time and the type of car used. Here’s tourist attractions are included in Gunungkidul Tours Package.

1. Mount Api Purba Nglanggeran
Gunungkidul Tours Package first Nglanggeran ancient volcano is located in Gunung Kidul yogyakarta pecking. Takes about 30 minutes away from downtown Yogyakarta. The best time to visit this place is in the morning during sunrise. When the night view of the city of Yogyakarta seem filled with light, making it a favorite spot for camping. Ancient volcano belongs to the geoheritage tour in Yogyakarta.

2. Goa Jomblang
Gunungkidul Tours Package second is cave Jomblang located in Gunung Kidul yogyakarta Semanu. Jomblang Goa has a depth of tens of meters. We have to go down the cliff cave Jomblang using a rope tied to the pulley. Do not worry we are already equipped with safety equipment first. And we will also be accompanied by an experienced tour guide. But do not use this equipment alone or try at home. This equipment is only used by experienced personnel. We need to prepare a flashlight because it was very dark at the bottom of the cave, the sunlight can not reach the bottom of the cave.

3. Kali Suci
Gunungkidul Tours Package third is a sacred time. Actually this is similar circuitry tour tour in cave Pindul the first well-known. So you can choose the cave Pindul or sacred times. At the time of this holy river edge has a distance longer than Pindul cave. For those of you who first suggested to melalukanya in goa Pindul first. In this holy time there are also cascade that makes our adrenaline rise.

4. Beach Indrayanti
Gunungkidul Tours Package fourth is Indrayanti beach. Contained the most beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul. But we could not shower because of the sea water coral reefs. of this beach you can also visit other beaches adjacent to the beach Indrayanti, the beaches and coast home Sawal tenggole. Both beaches are unspoiled.

5. Waterfall Sri gethuk
Gunungkidul Tours Package fifth is a waterfall sri gethuk. Here we can enjoy the view of the waterfall from the mountain springs Gunung. We can also use old tires menikmait rapids.

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