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Posted: 02 October 2014
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Jogja Rental Car Tour Package

Jogja Rental Car Tour Package offers various types of tourism in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. Starting from City travel to natural attractions. Starting from the coast to the mountains. Therefore jogja car rental is one of the solutions in Yogyakarta as many tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, which is not affordable public transport. Using a Jogja Rental Car Tour Package also will make your trip efficient. We‘ve set up your trip so you do not need to think about what sights are must visit when traveling in Yogyakarta. Moreover, as the City of Yogyakarta Tourism has a wide variety of tourist attractions that you can visit with friends, colleagues, family and your partnerJogja Rental Car Tour Package first is Borobudur Tour. On this tour you will visit Buddhist temple greatest in the World, Borobudur Temple. The temple is located about 30 km northwest of Yogyakarta city. Second place is visited Mount Merapi Lava Tour, the most active volcano in the world is becoming a favorite of tourists when visiting Yogyakarta. We can hire a jeep or motorbike cross to enjoy the sea of ​​sand on the slopes of Mount Merapi. Cool air of the mountains add to the beauty typical view of Mount Merapi. The next is a tourist spot located in Parangtritis Bantul Yogyakarta. The beach which has a fairly large waves is always crowded by tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Jogja rental car tour package next is the Dieng plateau is located about 150 km northwest of the city of Yogyakarta. Rather far indeed, but the duration of the trip from Yogyakarta will pay off when we get there. We can see the view of the crater that emit a distinctive smell of sulfur. We can also see the temple, there are various temples in the Dieng plateau, one of the most famous is the temple of Arjuna.In addition to these places there are many tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, which can be visited using the services of Jogja Rental car tour package. One is a solo tourist town, we can enjoy the historical places in the city of Solo. In addition, we can also visit Kampung Batik in Laweyan, we can buy a range of motif there.

Not only that, Jogja Rental Car Tour Package also offers golfing, for those of you who want to learn to play golf. There are several places to play golf in Yogyakarta, the Hyatt Golf Club, Golf Club Borobudur, Merapi Golf Course. The price is varied and reasonably priced ranging from IDR 700,000 to IDR 1,000,000. Reservation please fill in the booking form or contact us by Phone: (+62) 274 3242 999, XL: (+62) 8180 999 2775, MENTARI: (+62) 858 7889 7777, Faxmile: (+62) 274 817 6499, Address : Jl.Pleret 17 Limestone, Yogyakarta 55 294, Email:, DM me on Twitter:jogjarentcar, DM me on Facebook: jogja rent car.

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