Camry Car Rental in Yogyakarta with Driver
Posted: 13 October 2014
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Luxury Car Rental in Yogyakarta

Luxury Car Rental Yogyakarta is served by Jogja rent car, best car rental car rental in Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta rental cars. There are two types of luxury cars are leased by Jogja rent car, the Toyota New Camry and the Toyota New Alphard. Each car has its own characteristics. New Toyota Camry is a sedan or a city car while Toyota New Alphard MPV is a kind of high class. Luxury cars what is selected? New Toyota Camry or Toyota New Alphard? Here’s a review that could be a consideration for you.

Luxury car rental Yogyakarta, the first is the Toyota New Camry is a luxury sedan that is elegant with a luxurious interior and classy. With a DOHC engine, Dual VVTi and cylinder 2494 cc or 2500 cc makes this car has a high acceleration. Moreover, coupled with an aerodynamic shape. Suitable for those of you who have high mobility combined with kagagahan and luxury. Automobile safety equipment is quite capable with dual front airbags and dual side airbags in the car makes it quite safe, sendainya a moment the accident occurred.

Luxury car rental Yogyakarta is the second New Toyota Alphard. This car is a luxury car for Indonesian families. Having a machine with a capacity of 2,500 cc, the same as Toyota’s New Camry. However, about the acceleration of this car with New Toyota Camry lost because the car is less aerodynamic shape to shape New Toyota Camry cars. The advantages of this car than Toyota’s New Camry is the car has a spacious cabin and was able to load 8 passengers. This car is suitable for Indonesian families who have an average family size of 8 people.

What about the rent? The rental price for New Camry IDR 1,500,000 per day or 12 hours and New Alphard IDR. 2,800,000 per day or 12 hours. The rental price to be paid is higher than the low cost car MPV another. The high price of the rent to be paid is paid off by the valor and kemewan these cars.

This car reservations can contact us via facebook, twitter or google +. So review Luxury car rental Yogyakarta, hopefully usefull.

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