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Posted: 26 January 2017
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Spot Interesting Malioboro Street in Jogja City attractive addresses in Yogyakarta. We will give you full information and references to interesting spots in Malioboro Street that you must visit during a holiday trip in Yogyakarta.

The word “Malioboro” from Malio or Mulyo which means Noble and Boro or the aqueous Ngembara Nomad. Was once a gathering place of nomads -people from various countries China, Arab and people from overseas of Yogyakarta to come to open a new business in Yogyakarta.

Who does not know the Malioboro street as the main road which has been legendary in Indonesia. Not only as a Way of memorable history of the struggle of Indonesia, this road also has a place or spot interesting Malioboro street in Jogja city which must be visited during a holiday in Yogyakarta.

Malioboro Street is located in downtown of Jogja city. Long asphalt road is about 3 KM from the northern tip to 0 KM in front of the Post Office Yogyakarta with a road width of about 6 meters. Has a distinctive street lighting and sidewalks Jogja city where there are many vendors selling handicrafts and batik and souvenirs typical of Jogja that you might not find anywhere else. On the roadside there are carriage-carriage preserved as one of the public transport is still maintained today.

Malioboro Street also has a powerful magnet for tourists who were vacationing in Yogyakarta. One attraction is the impressive rating this place as a shopping center handicrafts, batik with cheap and affordable price. And on the beside road many pedicab drivers offering services around the city.

Malioboro Street also has an atmosphere that will not be forgotten any visit this place, especially at night. Malioboro street full of romantic beauty, which this place has pedistrian is transformed into the ideal place to relax. Nowadays there are many seats are located along Malioboro Street in Jogja City eastern decorated with lights that add a romantic. Plus decorations clean natural rock and attractive neatly built along Malioboro street pavement.

Then a holiday trip is not complete without visiting to Yogyakarta if you are not come to Malioboro Street. And the following interesting spots Malioboro Street in Jogja City which must be visited while in Yogyakarta to fill your holiday more memorable for the city of Yogyakarta


Spot Interesting Malioboro Street in Jogja City which must be visited first is Tugu Jogja. Tugu Jogja is a symbol or mascot Istimewa Yogyakarta. The place is much visited by tourists to places that many tourists take pictures. Tugu Jogja Jogja is located in the city center, or rather Jalan Margo Utomo or about 1.5 to the North Jalan Malioboro.

Tugu Jogja or other terms monument Golong Minced or better known as the Tugu Pal Putih which is a sign or Pal boundaries Yogyakarta palace. Tugu Jogja has a philosophy of Java where the monument Jogja is the axis that is parallel to Mount Merapi, the Kraton Yogyakarta and Parangtritis beach. Which according to the philosophy of Java as a navel of the earth. Tugu Jogja was built in 1755 by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I and as a symbol of “Manunggaling Kawulo lan Gusti” or means: the union of God and Servant.


Spot Interesting Malioboro Street in Jogja City  which must be visited second is enjoying coffee JOSS  in Angkringan Lik Man. Angkringan Lik Man is in the north of the station Tugu Jogja or 100 meters north end of Malioboro Street and you can walk to Angkringan Lik Man. Angkringan Lik Man has existed since the 70s and it is precisely this eatery is open evenings from 5 pm until midnight at Jalan Wongsodirjan.

Excess of interest in Angkringan Lik Man is to have a dish of hot coffee and a plus charcoal embers were dipped in coffee. Coffee taste completely different and have a sense of the joss. That designation is the name of the coffee is coffee JOSS of Angkringan Lik Man.

This Angkringan have loyal customers, from the beginning of open afternoons are always full of loyal customers of the city of Yogyakarta or from out of town always fills this place until midnight. Simple dish of fried tempe, satay and some rice with banana leaf on the menu as a Angkringan Lik Man. Mats along the 50 meters and a famous place full of food. Cheap price ranges Rp.3.000 -6000 and coffee  Rp. 5,000, -/glass. The place is always crowded by students in Yogyakarta and tourists who were vacationing in Yogyakarta.

Spot Interesting Malioboro Street in Jogja City  which must be visited in the third was the photo on the sign Jalan Malioboro. Who does not know the name of Malioboro Street ? Malioboro Street is the iconic city of Yogyakarta, so it feels incomplete if you do not visit the Malioboro Street during a vacation in the city of Yogyakarta. And you do not photoshop an Malioboro Street

This place became one of the favorite places for tourists to take pictures selfie. Malioboro street sign has a 3 point in the far north near Hotel Garuda, amid near Malioboro Mall and in South bagia near the road Suryatmajan. Malioboro Street in Jogja City signs in place is never empty area used to take pictures and as a monumental place for travelers from outside the city of Yogyakarta.

Spot Interesting Malioboro Street in Jogja City  which must be visited in the fourth one is shopping for souvenirs at Beringharjo. Beringharjo is a traditional market that sells souvenirs of Jogja snacks, crafts and Batik which you can buy in this market with  a bargain price. This market is located at Malioboro Street and became one shopping destination most visited by tourists.

Beringharjo built in 1758 by the royal palace of Yogyakarta and building refined by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII in 1925. Beringharjo word comes from the word “Bering” which comes from the banyan tree and said Harjo meaning Sejahtera. So Beringharjo is a banyan tree as a prosperous place to trade.

Beringharjo open morning till afternoon at 4 closed. Access to public transportation is very easy with such Tranjogja or Andong or rickshaw. If you are looking for a souvenir or buy handicrafts here the right place to find goods with cheap price and easy in a strategic place in the middle of the city of Yogyakarta.
Spot Interesting Malioboro Street in Jogja City  which must be visited fifth is Jogja zero kilometer point. Kilometer Zero point is located at the southern end of Jalan Malioboro and the intersection between historical buildings and ancient buildings. Like the colonial model building Post Office and the Office of BNI Yogyakarta as well as the intersection of the Great House / Palace presidential and Monuments of March.

By midnight the place is always filled with tourists to see the beauty of the city of Yogyakarta with city lights glow that highlights every corner of the historic building. Available seating to relax while enjoying the hawking food and drinks. Spot interesting to take good photos or berselfie in this place that is legendary.

No point Kilometer in Malioboro Street in Jogja City is the right place to spend time in the evenings in Yogyakarta. Iini place will bring you seemed to be past ‘TEMPOE DOELOE” with stately Dutch colonial buildings. And decorated with charming art sculptures add to the beauty in this spot more interesting to visit


As one of the interesting spot in the area of Malioboro Street in Jogja City which must be visited many tourists Malioboro Street have access to public transport facilities are very complete provided by the City Government of Yogyakarta.

Among them access to public transportation that you can use, including:
Transjogja is the Urban Bus as a means of public transport in the city of Yogyakarta.  Malioboro Street there are three bus stops Transjogja which can be used by passengers who want to vacation or traveling to and from Malioboro Street in Jogja City . Transjogja city bus tickets cost only 5,000 calculated for all entered the city bus.

Access to public transportation is used by many tourists visiting the city of Yogyakarta by train and stop at Tugu Station, Yogyakarta. Most tourists come from nearby towns such as: Purwokerto, Banyumas, Kutoarjo, Solo, Klaten, Madiun, Malang by train Parameks (Prambanan Express) that the departure time once every hour to Arival and departure in Tugu Station in Yogyakarta. In fact, every day come from outside the city, such as Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung using other fast trains. The tourists usually just walk to Malioboro Street in Jogja City which is only 200meter or 5 minutes by foot.

Means of transport by renting a car rental in Yogyakarta is one of the many tourists who want to have a holiday in Yogyakarta, including in Malioboro Street in Jogja City because it is cheaper and more practical, besides that they use Taxi services as alternative transport options.

As Spot Interesting Malioboro Street in Jogja City  unique, here too there is a horse-drawn carriage Andong still preserved and many hung on a side street Malioboro. Usually tourists using the services of this traditional tranpostasi to get around town. Feeling the atmosphere of the city back at life 100 years ago by riding this horse cart.

Rickshaws still as a means of transportation dipertahnkan traditional still widely used to get around the city and travel a short distance. As of Jalan Malioboo back to the hotel or back to Jogja Tugu Station. The range rickshaw fare varies depending on the distance. The price range of Rp.5,000 – Rp.15,000.

To enjoy exciting Spot Interesting Malioboro Street in Jogja City , you do not have to worry about tourist facilities in the Malioboro area. Here also available star hotels to Guesthouse or Bed with cheap and affordable price.

There are three areas that are regular travelers looking for a hotel closer to the Malioboro Street. With closer consideration, practically from the hotel and quite a walk from the hotel to enjoy the exciting atmosphere Spot Interesting Malioboro Street in Jogja City  .

4 Region Region Hotel and Guest House are in the area:
Pasar Kembang Street
The street is located in the north of Jalan Malioboro. On this road there is a row of jasmine, Guest House at Low Prices.
Hotel Star: Neo Hotel Malioboro, Abadi Hotel, Hotel Unisi, POP Hotel Malioboro
Bed / Guest House: Hotel 1001 Nights, Hotel Batik Nusantara Hotel, Trim.

Malioboro Street 
The main street of Malioboro Street in Jogja City. On this road there is a row-Star hotel.
Star Hotel: Hotel Inna Garuda, Hotel Ibis Malioboro, Hotel Mutiara

Sosrowijayan Street
The street is located in the west of Malioboro Street in Jogja City or one block at Pasar Kembang Street. The road is a favorite choice Sosrowijayan Backpacker and foreign tourist who was on holiday in Yogyakarta. Here widely available Guesthouse Offers from Price 100,000 to 250,000 / room / night.
Star Hotel: Hotel Malioboro, Summer Season Hotel, Malioboro Inn, Grace Ramayana
Bed / Guest House: Hotel Rama, Hotel Kartika, Bladog Hotel, Hotel Harum, Merbabu.

Dagen Street
The street is located in the west or western Malioboro Street in Jogja City of Malioboro Mall. Dagen street area also has starred hotels and homestay at an affordable price. From Price Rp.250,000 – Rp.600,000 per night.
Star Hotel: Hotel Whizz, Dafam Hotel Malioboro, Ibis Style Malioboro, Hotel Jentra
Bed / Guest House: Hotel Ameera, Hotel Blue Saphire Hotel Kristina, Hotel Kumbokarno, Peti mas.

That’s interesting Spot Interesting Malioboro Street in Jogja City  can use for reference travel holiday in Yogyakarta. As one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia, Jogja has complete facilities to facilitate the tourists to enjoy the beauty and something uni Jogja included in Malioboro Street .

Besides having an interesting Spot Interesting Malioboro Street in Jogja City  , here too there Malioboro Mall to pamper tourists who like to shop. Malioboro Mall too often there are exhibitions of SMEs that sell handicrafts and batik Hasik in this Mall at low prices. Malioboro failitas outlets are very complete and interesting to attend and there is restorant and culinary stalls complete.
Hopefully this article Spot Interesting Malioboro Street in Jogja City  is useful for you to arrange your tour in Yogyakarta more impressive.



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