Must Visited Museum Yogyakarta Tours
Posted: 08 September 2016
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Must Visited Museum Yogyakarta Tours

Must Visited Museum Yogyakarta Tours featuring unique museums are only found in Yogyakarta. Museums, there are built in the Dutch colonial period and even some new museum was 4 years old. These museums you must visit while enjoying Yogyakarta tours. Following these museums.

1. The Central Museum of the Air Force Aerospace

Must Visited Museum Yogyakarta Tours first is the center of the Air Force Air and Space museum. The museum is located in the eastern part of the city of Yogyakarta is directly adjacent to the Air Force air base Adisucipto Yogyakarta. If you use airplane mode to get to the city of Yogyakarta, you simply use the Trans Jogja bus and get off at the stop janti. The museum can be reached by bus Trans Jogja priced cheap enough just 4,000 dollars each way. In this museum collections fighter aircraft that was used by the Indonesian government in maintaining independence. If you want to reminisce with fighter aircraft of World War II era, this museum is a great place. Most aircraft in the museum also been diguanakan other countries when pernag world II occurred.

2. The Central Museum of the Army Dharma wiratama

Must Visited Museum Yogyakarta Tours second is the central museum of the Army Dharma wiratama. The museum is located in the city center. You can go to this place to use public transport or private vehicles or buses. In this museum collections of relics Army formerly known folk security forces while maintaining independence. The museum building is a Dutch colonial buildings and used as the headquarters Beland in Yogyakarta. During the Japanese occupation of the museum building is used as a center of Japanese occupation and is currently used as a pernag independence army headquarters security of the people. There are also relics of a great commander and chief of staff General Sudirman Urip Sumoharjo lieutenant generals. Until now are kept in this museum. You are missed by a great commander General Sudirman figure can visit this museum to reminisce.

3. Sonobudoyo

Must Visited Museum Yogyakarta Tours third is Sonobudoyo. The museum is also located in the center of the city of Yogyakarta. complex precisely in the north square of the palace of Yogyakarta. The museum is famous for its many collections owned. There’s even a mention of this museum is the second most complete national monument museum in Jakarta. In this museum collections of relics from prehistoric, batik, metal tools and even some stuff from bali. very menairk visit this museum.

4. Museum Jogja Kembali Monument

Must Visited Museum Yogyakarta Tours fourth is Museum monumen jogja kembali. You may have ever visited. This museum is a museum that is quite famous, not only because of the diorama contained in it but also the unique shape resembles a cone. Diorama of the most famous in this museum is a diorama that tells the general strike of March 1, 1949. At that time the Indonesian army seized the city of Yogyakarta for 6 hours.

5. Museum Vredeburg

Must Visited Museum Yogyakarta Tours Yogyakarta Fortress Museum is located at the point 0 kilometer city of Yogyakarta. The museum is probably the most famous museums. Because in addition contains a collection of items and dioramas of Indonesian independence struggle in this museum are also often used for a variety of shows exactly in front of the museum in general attack monument 1 March. At night in front of the museum is often used as a gathering place for communities in Yogyakarta.

6. Ullen Sentalu

Must Visited Museum Yogyakarta Tours sixth is Ullen Sentalu Museum. Seen name is rather strange and smelling eastern Indonesia. It turns out it was wrong, Ullen Sentalu comes from the abbreviation Ulating blencong SEjatiNe TAtaraning LUmaku which means” The light blencong a human user in step and pursue a life . This philosophy is taken from an oil lamp used in the Wayang kulit (blencong) which is light always moves to direct and illuminate our life journey. IN this museum items and photographs of the king and the royal consort Mataram from the beginning until now complete with everyday clothes. Unlike the previous museums are located in the city center, the museum is far from the city center precisely in the grip sleman Yogyakata. To achieve even this place can only use private vehicles or rental.

7. Museum of Mount Merapi

Must Visited Museum Yogyakarta Tours last volcanos is a museum located on the slopes of Mount Merapi Yogyakarta. However, do not worry about the museum is located in a safe area if one merapi mountain erupted. Once entering the museum we were instantly greeted replica of Mount Merapi. Go deeper we will be treated to photographs when Mount Merapi erupted. And we also will be treated on what information should ynag dilakuka when Mount Merapi erupted. In this place there is also a documentary film that tells the story of Mount Merapi. To go to this museum are cheap to just 3,000 dollars.

Thus earlier review on Must Visited Museum Yogyakarta Tours. Actually there are many other museums are also of interest to visit, look forward to the next post. Hope it is useful. Must Visited Museum Yogyakarta Tours. Must Visited Museum Yogyakarta Tours.

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