Rent MPV Car Yogyakarta Car Rental
Posted: 09 October 2014
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Rent MPV Car Yogyakarta Car Rental

Rent MPV Car Yogyakarta Car Rental is the best solution for you and families who want to travel in Yogyakarta. Car Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) have the advantage of higher ground clearance than a sedan or a city car. In addition, for those of you who are married must use MPV type car felt more comfortable being able to accomodate passenger entire family. MPV car itself is divided into several classes, namely, the Low MPV All New Avanza for example, the Medium MPV All New Innova and High MPV Alphard example. All types of cars MPV is available in Jogja Rent Car, Rent MPV Car Yogyakarta Car Rental . The price also varies, of course, the cheapest is the Avanza MPV Low-rent IDR. 500,000 per day or 12 hours followed by medium All New Innova MPV rental prices IDR. 600,000 per day or 12 hours and the MPV is the most expensive hargasewanya High New Toyota Alphard MPV ie the rental price IDR. 2,800,000 per day or 12 hours.

MPV is the most preferred car in Indonesia, besides the price is cheaper than a sedan or a city car, MPV also has a wider cabin. Suitable for Indonesian family who always put family togetherness. For those of you that want to luxury and spacious cabin, high MPV Toyota Alphard is the answer. The rental price offered is comparable with that obtained luxury and comfort.

Rent MPV Car Yogyakarta Car Rental one of which is Jogja Rent Car, provide convenience for those of you who want to rent a car MPV for tourism or business in Jogja. One of the conveniences offered by Jogja Rent Car is the ease of making a reservation. You do not need to come directly to us, simply contact us by phone at telephone number: (+62) 274 3242 999 XL​​: (+62) 8180 999 2775 MENTARI: (+62) 858 7889 7777 Address: Jl.Pleret No. 17 Limestone, Yogyakarta 55294. Alternatively you can contact via email, facebook, twitter and google +. In addition to ease of reservation, Jogja Rent Car Rent MPV Car Yogyakarta Car Rental , also gives the user the ease, one of which is a facility of pick up and drop off. With this facility we pick you up once you arrive in Yogyakarta, you do not need to bother anymore looking for freight transportation. Next is ease of payment does not have to come directly to us, you can menitipkanya on our driver or you can transfer it to our account or you can also make payments via credit card.

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