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Posted: 10 February 2015
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Consider This Before Rental Car For Holiday

Rental Car For Holiday. End of the year is a good time for a vacation abroad or out of town. If the agenda during the holiday will be more a walk to distant places all day, then you’ll want to rent a car than to get off the bus, train or taxi. Especially if you are on holiday with a large family, or a number of friends who pretty much. Rent a car from the rental company is an easy and practical way. But before deciding to hire a car, there are some things that need to be taken to ensure that you do not feel disadvantaged.

Here are 8 smart tips before car:

1. Comparing Options Offered

Comparing the options offered is the first thing you think about before rental car for holiday. Find information about some of the companies that offer car rental services and compare available options of each company. In addition to browsing the Internet, you can ask for help from a travel agency which usually have special rates from car rental companies.

2. Rental priced

The second before you rental car for holiday rental price is noticed. Each car rental companies offer price varies depending on the model of vehicle, taxes, and fuel. For that, compare the prices offered by each company according to your budget and needs.

3. Complete Document

The third before the rental car for holiday check the complete document. To prevent fraud, make sure the car and the driver offered by car rental companies have a formal letter and complete. You do not want to be losers because renting a car stolen, is not it?

4. Careful When Taking a Rental Car

The fourth before the rental car for holiday is meticulous. When taking a rental car, make sure you bring the details of payment confirmation. In addition, read the letter

agreement carefully so that you know exactly what the costs and obligations that must be paid.

5. Returns Cars

The fifth before the rental car for the holidays is when the car returns. Most car rental companies have a 24-hour deadline for the return of the car with a tolerance through an hour ago. The rest, be fined. If you exceed the time limit long enough, you should consider adding a rental car into another day

rather than have to pay a penalty for late return of the car which is usually quite expensive.

6. Insurance

Car rental is generally covered by insurance. Before paying a rental car, find out in advance

how much liability insurance that protects the car. This is to anticipate the unwanted things, then you know how much responsibility the duty.

7. Payment Method

When conducting transactions with car rental companies, please read the payment options offered. Payment options are offered generally by credit card, cash, or vouchers and you can choose according to need.

8. Security

To avoid any kind of loss, consider your health and safety during driving a car

rental. Make sure you do not drive a car under the influence of alcohol, use of seat belts, and prepare maps if there is no GPS in the rental car. Information about car rental in Jogja can contact Jogja car rental.

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