Rental Car with Toyota Hiace Commuter in Yogyakarta
Posted: 10 February 2018
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Rental Car with Toyota Hiace Commuter in Yogyakarta

Rental Car with Toyota Hiace Commuter in Yogyakarta is one of the right solutions for Group of tourist transportation in Yogyakarta. Toyota Hiace Commuter is one of the leading minibus products from Toyota Astra. Toyota Hiace in Indonesia has 2 different types: High Grade Standard and High Grade Commuter (Recommended).

Special tourists who vacation in Yogyakarta, would certainly consider the comfort factor in the trip. By choosing a rental car with Toyota Hiace Commuter in Yogyakarta it is not wrong to choose this car that is more comfortable, more luxurious and superior to its class. As with Isuzu ELF and KIA Travello. In addition, Toyota Hiace Commuter has excellent comfort with a more luxurious cabin intirior and supported Air Conditioner cooling system is more sophisticated than its competitors.

When you are rental car with Toyota Hiace Commuter in Yogyakarta. Must be with driver to drive this car. If you rent a hiace car in Yogyakarta with the driver is determined by the rental car service in Yogyakarta. Besides, it takes a driver who knows very well about the tourist attractions in yogyakarta, if you rent a hiace car to travel in Yogyakarta.

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Market class market of Rental minibus with Toyota Hiace Commuter in Yogyakarta is very high. The desire of consumers wants the car with the luxury, comfort and perfect safety features. Besides this car, very fuel efficient. Certainly very profitable for the business world of tourism transportation and can help the operational costs.

This Hiace Commuter car has a charge of 16 seats with a 2.5 liter diesel engine with a 2KD-FTV Direct 4 Turbo Common Rail type engine that is more fuel efficient. The advantages of Hiace Car is what makes car rental owners in Yogyakarta take as the best choice of minibus. At this time Toyota hiace has become best of car rental in Yogyakarta choose for Group tourist transportation .
Before you rental car with Toyota Hiace Commuter in Yogyakarta, you should know the specifications in toyota hiace commuter car. For the convenience of your trip, here are the hiace commuter car specifications.

Toyota Hiace Commuter Specifications

In addition to the capacity of many passengers, Toyota Hiace has the specifications and components tough as best commuter output. Call it the 70-liter engine that allows you to save fuel even if the car was taken in a long time. So, you will not be charged a high fuel cost. Hiace is also a type of car that you can take to various fields such as straight road, steep, climb, derivative, until the winding road is very challenging.

The spacious hiace commuter car cabins, allowing you to carry lots of stuff. His relatively large trunk can accommodate your luggage and other passengers-even can be used for the back seat if there are additional passengers. As a shadow, there is one row available for the passenger in front and four rows for the passenger behind. You can expand the cabin by unplugging the seat and tying it up. Reclining system contained in the seat will allow passengers to adjust its position, so you will not easily feel tired and the back does not stiff while driving.

Like other premium vehicles, rental car with Toyota Hiace Commuter in Yogyakarta has equipped with various mainstay features. There is air conditioning or air conditioning that can reach up to the very back. So you and the other passengers will not feel too hot. Entertainment features are also pinned to accompany your journey in Yogyakarta for the more fun.

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Reason Choose Toyota Hiace

You must know the reason choose rental car with Toyota Hiace Commuter in Yogyakarta:

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Rates Rental Car with Toyota Hiace in Yogyakarta

Before you place your rental car with Toyota Hiace Commuter in Yogyakarta. You should first find out the Price and condition about rental car Toyota Hiace Commuter .

Itinerary / Tour Programme Toyota Hiace Commuter
Inside Jogja City Rp.1.500.000
Out Of City Yogyakarta Rp.2.500.000
JOZ 01-Yogyakarta Tour Rp.1.500.000
JOZ 02-Jogja Sightseeing Rp.1.500.000
JOZ 03-Gunung Kidul Beach Rp.2.000.000
JOZ 04-Solo Sightseeing Rp.2.000.000
JOZ 05-Religius Tour Rp.2.000.000
JOZ 06-Dieng Plateau Rp.2.500.000
Overtime / Hour Rp.200.000

The Condition of Rental Car:
• Price Includes Fuel Oil
• Toyota Hiace Commuter Car Rental in Yogyakarta with Driver
• Use at least 1 day in 12 hours duration.
• Overtimes will be charged Rp.150.000 / jam.
• Not serving Self drive for rental car with Toyota Hiace Commuter in Yogyakarta.

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