Tour To The Tourist Attractions in Jogja City
Posted: 03 February 2018
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Tour To The Tourist Attractions in Jogja City

After you decide to choose to tour to The tourist attractions in Jogja City. You should plan your tour in Jogja first. Arrange the places of tourism in Jogja to be visited, the hotel where you stay and choose the right car rental with english speaking driver. If you have not specified a place to visit in Jogja. Here are Tour Destinations and interesting places of interest in Jogja that you must visit.

1. Taman Pintar

The first places of interest to visit on a journey tour to Jogja city are to come to Taman Pintar. Smart park is located not far from Jalan Malioboro or about 1 KM. So the location is east of the intersection of Yogyakarta Post Office. In Taman Pintar is very suitable for children’s play and to add knowledge because here is a planetarium rides, science rides, math and rides for paud. Here is the recommended place for an interesting place for your children’s holiday in Jogja.
Entrance Ticket Rp.15.000
Open: 08.30-16.00

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2. Sultan Palace

The second tourist spot that you should visit tour to The tourist attractions in Jogja City is to visit Kraton Yogyakarta or Sultan Palace. This palace is as the residence of the King of Mataram named Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. In the Sultan’s Palace is the center of Javanese culture and here there are many historical relics of previous Mataram kings. This place is very beautiful and peaceful during a visit here because in the palace of Yogyakarta we can hear the unique Javanese gamelan. This place is one of the favorite tourist destinations of foreign tourists who are fascinated with Indonesian culture.
Entrance Ticket Rp.5.000 (domestic)
Camera: Rp.1.000
Open: 08.00-14.00

3. Taman Sari

Tour an interesting destination to visit in a tour program to tour the city of Jogja is to Taman Sari. Taman sari is one of the favorite sights in the tourist map in Yogyakarta and one of the best pilgrims by foreign and Domestic tourists. The sari garden has a unique building that has a very unique Portuguese style architecture. Taman sari was built in 1812 by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. Here there are baths, formerly used as a place to rest the sons and daughters of the king and his wife. Taman sari is located 1 KM south of the Sultan’s Palace.

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4. Malioboro Street

One of the popular tourist attractions visited for a tour to The tourist attractions in Jogja City is Malioboro Street. At Malioboro Street is the main road in Jogja city and the road is full of historical memories of the struggle of the Republic of Indonesia. The atmosphere at night is so beautiful with the sparkling city lights. Besides that on the edge of the road malioboro, you can sit back enjoying and all the selfie photos here. on Jalan Malioboro you can also shop T-shirts, souvenirs and handicrafts typical of Yogyakarta. When take vacation in the city of Jogja, it seems incomplete if you do not visit in Malioboro street.

5. Alun-Alun Kidul

No less interesting tour to The tourist attractions in Jogja City and which must be visited at night that is Alun-alun kidul. Left-handed square or abbreviated Alkid is the most interesting tourist attractions in Jogja. Here you can try the game Masangin, ie closed eyes that must be able to pass the road between 2 Ringin trees in South Square. This magical full game attracts many tourists. Here you can also try toy cars that are padded with colorful decoration of colorful lights that really interesting and the sound of fast music.

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6. De Mata Trick Eye Museum

Tourist attractions most sought after tour to The tourist attractions in Jogja City is to De Mata Trick Eye Museum. This place is a trick effect 3D image is interesting and similar as the original. We are like taking pictures in a countryside in the Netherlands, or else flying with Air Balloons, surfing in big waves, or swimming with sharks. Here a museum with lots of 3D photo angel that will not find this great place, unless you are vacationing in the city of Jogja. This place is located in XT Square on Jalan Veteran 151 Yogyakarta or about 3 KM to the east of the Sultan’s Palace.
Entrance Ticket Rp.50.000 – Rp.75.000
Open: 10 am-2pm

7. Kebon Zoo Gembiro Loka

The seventh sequence for a tour to The tourist attractions in Jogja City is to visit Gembiro Loka Kebon Zoo. This zoo has a complete collection of animals with an area of 20 hectares with a total collection of about 120 animals such as elephants, serapah, tiger, lion, sipanse, komodo and 61 species of Flora are well maintained. Shady and cool place is perfect to be chosen as a tourist spot for your family during a vacation in Jogja. The place is located at Jalan Kebunraya No.2 Umbulharjo or about 25 minutes from the city center to the east.

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8. Eating Gudeg in Wijilan

The most sought-after culinary place by tourists is Gudeg food at Wijilan which is one of the tour to the tourist attractions in Jogja City. We feel incomplete in Jogja, if never mecicipi typical cuisine of this one Jogja. Gudeg which comes from the jackfruit, coconut milk and chicken in addition to sambel krecek spicy. This delicious cuisine with a sweet and spicy flavor from sambel krecek, very suitable to be brought as a souvenir. Price ranges from Rp.25.000 to Rp.50.000 depending on the side dishes purchased. Gudeg culinary center located in the area Wijilan or about 500 meters from the Sultan’s Palace.

Similarly tour to the tourist attractions in Jogja City with a car rental that you can use for reference holidays in Yogyakarta with family.

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