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Posted: 15 April 2014
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Gunungkidul TOURS JOZ- 03

Gunungkidul Tours JOZ-03 : Goa Pindul – Baron Beach – Indrayanti Beach

Gunungkidul Tours is one of the most hits the tour program for right now. You have leaving in the morning from your hotel, straight drive to Goa Pindul to adventure down the river in the cave Pindul. Then proceed to visit Baron, each beach has its own beauty. Then see view Indrayanti, the area you can enjoy an amazing panorama, you can relax a while there with beautiful beaches with white sand.

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Tour Destination in Gunungkidul Tours :

Cave  Pindul

One of the most interesting places in the travel program in Gunungkidul tours is to Pindul Cave. And the most interesting to visit at this time. During holidays and weekends lots of invaded by tourists who want to enjoy and along the Saints River  who are in this Pindul Goa. Estimate Time driving from Yogyakarta to Goa Pindul approximately 1.5 hours and can be reached by car or minibus.

One of the attractions in Gunungkidul is so exciting, you will enjoy the beauty of the limestone rocks and down the river with the tube, or better known cave tubing. The traveler will be invited along rivers Kalisuci and guided by a local tour guide to explain the history of  detail Pindul Cave and myths that sometimes do not make sense. You may believe it or not, but to be honest this place is very interesting because in Pindul Cave there are stalactites and stalagmites are still active.

Admission prices Domestic / Kitas Rp.45.000/Person
Foreign Tourist Ticket price Rp.60.000 /Person
Lokal Guide Fee N/A
Parkir Fee Rp.10.000
Open Hours Every Day 06:00 – 17:00
Gunungkidul Tour in Pindul Cave

Gunungkidul Tour in Pindul Cave

Gunungkidul Beach

Comfortable place to swim with clean white sand and suitable for play is in Indrayanti. Indrayanti Beach in Gunungkidul is very famous among local tourists in Yogyakarta, every weekend is never empty beach in the tourist visit.

Cool place to chat while seeing the beauty of the beach Indrayanti at sunset time, it is very interesting natural charm Indrayanti beach in Gunungkidul. Indrayanti beach is in a location not far from the beach and Krakal Baron and Kukup and easy to reach by vehicle transport or private car.

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Admission prices Domestic / Kitas Rp.10.000/Person
Lokal Guide Fee N/A
Parkir Fee Rp.10.000
Open Everday Hours 06:00 – 17:00

Price Package Gunungkidul Tours with Car Rental

Price usage program to Gunung Kidul Tours is determined by the type of car you want to select. You can choose Car rental in Yogyakarta by car Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova or when the person or group can use larger cars such as the Isuzu Elf or Toyota Hiace Commuter.

Price Gunungkidul Tours packages, inclusive of private rental car and driver as well as the Fuel / Gasoline. You directly to pay for Travel Ticket, or Local Tour Guide and parking at each attraction destination. By choosing Package Tour to Gunung Kidul, you can already save rather than using the services of a Tour Agent in Yogyakarta.

Here is the List Price Travel to Gunungkidul Tours:

Toyota All New Avanza Rp.700.000
Toyota Innova Rp.800.000
ISuzu ELF Rp.1.000.000
Toyota Hiace Commuter Rp.1.800.000
Bus Pariwisata 26 Seats Rp.2.500.000

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How to Make Reservation to Gunungkidul Tours

How easily can you do to booking travel packages to Gunungkidul tours, including:

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Payment Car Rental in Yogyakarta

GunungkidulTours in Indrayanti Beach

GunungkidulTours in Indrayanti Beach

Gunungkidul Tours Services :

We provide full service for all our costumer satisfaction in the use of a car rental. Many of our satisfied customer to use our Yogyakarta car rental services, including:


For guests from abroad, we also provide English speaking driver to accompany your tour in Gunungkidul and in Yogyakarta Tour. You are required to make a request or advance reservations for Inggirs speaking driver in advance because the number is still limited for the time being.

We also perform services for satisfaction during travel and tour in Yogyakarta. We also do a Free pick-up at Yogyakarta Airport, Yogyakarta Tugu Station and Hotel in Yogyakarta where you stay.

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Pick Up Service in Yogyakarta Airport

For easy pick-up, you will be asked for information about the flight number, time of arrival, Your Airlines and Name of Guests will be picked up along with the phone number / celluler number to call. Our driver will be waiting at the front door of the arrival airport to bring Signprint “guest’s name” . So you will be more easily found our driver upon arrival at Yogyakarta Airport.

Pick Up at Jogja Tugu Train Station

Special pick-up at the Railway station Tugu Jogja, you must inform Name of train you are using and the clock arrival in Jogja Station. Our driver will pick up at the gate south to bring your name board.

Pick Up at Your Hotel in Yogyakarta

We also do pick-up at your place of stay  at Hotel in Yogyakarta. You simply inform our Customer service Hotel Name, Room Number and pickup time. Our driver will be pick up of you in the hotel lobby where you spend the night.

Similarly, tour program to Gunungkidul Tours this as an alternative holiday option in Yogyakarta. Many tourism options that you can choose from. Recommendations Gunungkidul Tours for those who need new experiences on holiday in Jogja with travelling to Pindul cave and relaxed with your partner or your family in the White Sand Beach in Gunungkidul.


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