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Solo Tours (JOZ-04): Mangkunegaran Palace – Triwindu – Batik Museum – Laweyan.

Solo tours is one of the most favorite tour program chosen by each tourist on tour in Yogyakarta. Event for domestic travellers and Overseas travelers from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Europe.

Solo tours has the advantage of the tourist destinations in Solo, which is almost same like to the city of Jogja, Yogyakarta. In atmosfer of cultural traditions almost say the same. It is true, because of the historical development of ancient Mataram kingdom between Solo and Jogja is the kingdom of Mataram. After the agreement Giyanti created by the colonial Dutch East Indies.

Solo Tour starts early morning at 8:00 in the morning after breakfast at the hotel. Then head straight to Solo. The trip to Solo above taken for over 2 hours drive from Yogyakarta. Upon arrival in Solo, we invite you to visit Kraton Mangkunegaran. Mangkunegaran has a complete collection of historical relics and cultural Javanese awake here built 1745. After being continued to look around and shop for antique in Triwindu Market not far from Mangkunegaran.

On Triwindu Market,  you can see the shop of antiques and various souvenirs and craft that has many antique contained herein. Followed see Batik museum in Danarhadi and you can shop in the hometown of Solo batik Batik Solo Laweyan. After a satisfying return to the hotel in Yogyakarta.

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Solo Tours in Mangkunegaran Palace

Solo Tours in Mangkunegaran Palace

Tour Destinations Can be Visited in Solo Tours:

1. Mangkunegaran

Solo Tours to Mangkunegaran Palace was built in 1745 by Raden Mas Said or better known as the Prince Sumbernyowo persistent power against the Netherlands at the time. As the residence of King Mangkunegaran, the palace consists of two main parts: the hall and the palace.

The pavilion is a place often used to entertain guests and there is a complete gamelan Kyai Keyut Mesem and consists of building Java Joglo made with teak round.

This Dalem as residence of King and sabagian room at this Dalem terdapt also a collection of works of art such as paintings Bsuki Abdullah, a collection of books and ancient books that are rare in Mangkunegaran this is still well maintained.

Admission prices Domestic / Kitas Rp.10.000/Orang
Price Foreign Tourist Ticket Rp.18.000 /Person
Lokal Guide Available
Parking Fee Rp.5.000
Office Hours 09:00 – 14:00

2. Triwindu Antiq Market in Solo

Solo Tours to the Market Triwindu which is not far from Mangkunegaran, Solo. Triwndu market located at Jalan Diponegoro or in front of the palace Mangkunegaran area of Solo city Banjarsari.

Triwindu market is a market of antiques of the most famous with many selling antiques that are rare and can not be found again elsewhere. As hanger antique lamp, jar ancient keris, batik motif or some sort of ornament sera rare ornaments that are hundreds of years ago.

In this place in the market you have experienced triwndu about antiques because there are also markets Triwindu counterfeit goods are sold here. You should carefully before buying. Very nice if you are in the market Triwindu enjoy antiw souvenirs and stuff lined up neatly. An unforgettable experience, we can make a bargain with the merchants here.

Solo Tours - Triwindu Antiq Market

Solo Tours – Triwindu Antiq Market

3. Danar Hadi Museum of Batik in Solo

Solo Tours to Danar Hadi Museum, located in the center of the city of Solo, precisely at Jalan Slamet Riyadi Solo. Batik Museum was built by the famous batik merchant family in Solo on a name and H.Hadipriyono Danarsih mother (father mother Dananrsih). Families merchants batik batik has been in business since 1967 and has been poor across the world batik throughout Indonesia.

In Danar Hadi Batik Museum, there are collections of the most motive lenkap. Batik collections at this museum are influenced by developments in Indonesia’s history. Such a collection of Dutch or European Batik, Batik Collection from Japan, China and various Asian countries. Even more interesting is the collection of Batik Danar Hadi batik motif has a variety of siseluruh remote areas throughout Indonesia. This will enrich our knowledge during this visit batik museum and we would love a work of art cultural heritage of our ancestors.

Price Public Admission Fee Rp.25.000/Person
Student Prices Rp.10.000/Person
Lokal Guide Fee Not Available
Parking Fee Rp.5.000
Office Hours 09:00 – 16:00

4. Shoping Batik Village in Laweyan.

Solo Tours to Kampung Batik Laweyan which is the home of batik in Solo as a batik-making and as a batik trade that already existed since the kingdom Pajang or around 1546. And at the moment the place is still maintained and preserved as a batik village are much sought after by batik lovers and tourists every vacation in Solo.

In Kampung Batik Solo Laweyan you can buy typical Batik Solo in various forms such as clothes, Ladies and Children. With the prices were cheap and the quality is better than you are shopping batik in Klewer market. Here you can also find batik with typical motifs Solo Batik motifs of classical and modern motifs. You can also satisfied shopping Batik is a lot of standing houses Batik inside this Laweyang batik village.

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Wanted Culinary in Solo City:

Solo city not only has the potential of many attractions visited by tourists but also has a full range of culinary tour of the most sought after by tourists to enjoy a unique culinary Solo.

Having traveled to Solo Tours we can also enjoy culinary tourism in Solo that you should try while in Solo. A culinary tour of the town of Solo are much sought after by tourists.

1.Tengkleng Solo

Tengkleng Solo is the meat and bones of lamb that have a rather clear yellow broth with savory flavors, fresh. Tengkleng goat dish is also added rice as a complement to these foods. This food is very popular in the community town of Solo. Tekleng lamb most famous of Tekleng mother Edi beside the gate Pasar Klewer.

2.Nasi Liwet Solo

Solo Tours is incomplete if you do not enjoy the typical cuisine of Solo are Nasi Liwet. Liwet rice is rice that was given little coconut milk and savory tersa with shredded chicken that tasted typical that only you can find in the city of Solo. Rice Liwet famous Solo are Nasi Liwet Wongso Lemu near area Keprabon, Banjarsari Solo.

3.Srabi Notosuman

It’s Traditional Snack in Solo or typical food made from glutinous rice with coconut milk tasted savory and sweet. The dough is cooked in small stoves cooked traditionally. There are a few extra slices of coconut or chocolate sprinkles to add taste.

Srabi Notosuman has existed since 1923. After participating in Solo Tour and one of the souvenirs of the most sought after by domestic tourists each traveled in Solo.

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The Prices Package Solo Tours:

Cheap prices for travel packages to Solo tour is suitable to fill your holiday while in Yogyakarta. This trip for a day and a private tour of the most comfortable because this tour package is not combined with other tour participants. So you can enjoy this Solo Tours packages freely with friends closest to you.

Here is the List Price Solo Tours Package, Prices depending on car type that you select.

Toyota All New Avanza Rp.700.000
Toyota Innova Rp.800.000
ISuzu ELF Rp.1.000.000
Toyota Hiace Commuter Rp.1.800.000
Bus Pariwisata 26 Seats Rp.2.500.000

Such prices are already included in the duration Car Rental 12 hours of usage, driver friendly and Fuel / Petrol / Diesel.
Such prices are not included: Travel Ticket, Parking and tip for driver.

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Booking Car Rental for Solo Tours:

We make it easy in the car rental reservations in Solo Tour. Ease we provide a variety of ways you can do according to your wishes.

We made way car rental reservations in Solo that we may receive, including:

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Payment Car Rental for Solo Tours:

Bank Account Transfer to BCA, BNI and Bank Mandiri.

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