Waisak Celebrations 2016 at Borobudur Temple
Posted: 20 May 2016
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Waisak Celebrations 2016 at Borobudur Temple

Waisak Celebrations 2016 at Borobudur Temple this year will be done in a festive celebration Waicak compared with the previous year.

Waisak Celebrations 2016 at Borobudur Temple, will be held the event the release of perhaps thousands of lanterns in the courtyard of Borobudur temple which will be released into the air at night as part of Waisak Celebrations 2016 at Borobudur Temple which will fall on May 20 – 22, 2016, becoming the strongest moments awaited by foreign and domestic tourists. Because it lasted only a moment once a year at Borobudur temple.

Waisak Celebrations 2016 at Borobudur Temple, the center of ceremonies Waisak in Indonesia and followed by all Buddhists throughout Indonesia and be a celebration ceremony of the largest with a ceremonial procession important form of Tri Sacred Vesak or three moments sacred Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) is first of the birth of Buddha , and second thing about the perfection of the Buddha under the Bodhi tree when the age of 35, and the third about the death of the Buddha under a tree Sala at the age of 80 years.

The series of Waisak Celebrations 2016 at Borobudur Temple this year is on Friday May 20, 2016 taking water from springs Jumprit blessing in Parakan, Temanggung regency and taking fire from the source of eternal flame Dharma at Merapen in Kabupaten Grobogan, Central Java. Water and fire will be part of the procession of the holy Waicak in Mendut temple.

On Saturday May 21,2016 alms ritual, a ritual of giving food to the monks / bikshu by Buddhists and society About a Borobudur temple and Mendut temple. As a symbol of the Buddhist virtues. Alms sacred ceremony, a procession from Mendut temple to Borobudur temple for the implementation Dharmasanti in Mendut after the walk to the Borobudur temple. Plan the event will also be attended by President Joko Widodo, but he was unable to attend and will be attended by Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

It was time event much-awaited local community and tourists is the release into the air of 10,000 lanterns in the court yard Borobudur temple as sacred Buddhist temple in the world. These lanterns release event will be held at 22:00 pm. This event will be very festive and sacred event was followed by a ceremonial procession and ceremony Pradaksina samadhi at night until dawn or sunrise.

Sunday May 22, 2016: Samadhi ceremony at the height of the full moon and after that is done beating a gong at the moments of Vesak or Waisak , the event will end with a blessing by Buddhist monk and Bikshu Mahasthavira Mahathera, then covered with Namaskara

To see the ceremony of Waisak Celebrations 2016 at Borobudur Temple for tourists or non-Buddhist should be able to capture the moment on Saturday night at the time of release paper lanterns into the air carried around 22:00 pm. You should be able to leave before 21 o’clock: 00wib from Yogyakarta or from the hotel in the Jogja City. You can use the services of a car rental in Yogyakarta or rent a car in Yogyakarta with a driver to Temple Bobudur to see the party lanterns in celebration of Waisak Celebrations 2016 at Borobudur Temple.

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