Yogyakarta Hidden Tourism Paradise
Posted: 21 January 2015
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Yogyakarta Hidden Tourism Paradise

Yogyakarta Hidden Tourism Paradise  interesting to visit as an alternative to the already well-known wisata di yogyakarta. Yogyakarta Hidden Tourism Paradise is unspoiled and quiet because not many people who visit this place. Following a review of the Yogyakarta Hidden Tourism Paradise .

1. Peak Suroloyo

Yogyakarta Hidden Tourism Paradise  first is the peak Suroloyo. Who would have thought that in Kulon Progo it turns out there is a mountain peak mountain top notch with Suroloyo. Suroloyo peak can ditempau from downtown Yogyakarta for 1 hour drive. We can get to the top of this Suroloyo good use of motorcycles and cars. At the top there are substations of view that we can use to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. The place that is high enough to make us free to enjoy the scenery and the clouds. It was an interesting experience to visit this Suroloyo peak.

2. Peak Kalibiru Kulon Progo

Yogyakarta Hidden Tourism Paradise  second is Kalibiru Kulonprogro. In this place there is a big and tall tree which is equipped with seating. We can rise to this tree by using the stairs. From the top of the tree we can enjoy pemdangan surface Sermo Reservoir. Advised to visit this place in the afternoon mnejelang sunset. Sermo Reservoir surface that kerkena red sunlight is very beautiful to behold.

3. Waterfall Banyunibo Bantul

Yogyakarta Hidden Tourism Paradise  is the third waterfall located in dlingo Banyunibo jyang Bantul district. Rather quiet place, away from residential areas. Still a few tourists who knows this place. Near the waterfall is also a pine forest and orchards Mangunan.

4. Mount Parang Endog

Yogyakarta Hidden Tourism Paradise  is the fourth hill endog parang. This hill is located on the east coast parangtritis. often used as a kite sports. In this place is also very beautiful to enjoy the sunset beach parangtritis.

5. Temple Sambi Sari

Yogyakarta Hidden Tourism Paradise  fifth is sambi sari temple located in Kalasan, on the edge of the highway Jogja solo. In addition to Prambanan temple, there were more temples which are also interesting that sambi temple sari.

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