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Posted: 30 September 2014
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Yogyakarta tours using jogja rental car

Yogyakarta Tours Using Jogja Rental Car

Yogyakarta Tours using Jogja Rental Car is one of the tour packages that we offer. A wide variety of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta you can visit with Jogja Rental Car. Package tours we offer are Jogja City Tours. A first visit is the temple of Prambanan. This temple according to local stories created by Bondowoso desire to fulfill the request Jonggrang made one thousand temples overnight. Request the Roro Jonggrag agreed by Bondowoso in order to marry Jonggrang approved. According to the story, until the morning Bondowoso almost completed the task, making a thousand temples. Jonggrang not want Bondowoso to finish the job, finally he rang dimples that already indicates the rooster crows in the morning. Bondowoso‘ve managed to make 999 temples, and eventually he was cursed into a statue Jonggrang to fulfill the thousandth temple. On the walls there are also reliefs of Prambanan Ramayana and Shinta Dewi is abducted by Ravana. To save Dewi Shinta, Ramayana assisted by troops led by Anoman ape. Anoman took home Dewi Shinta and burn the kingdom of Ravana.

After Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta tours using Jogja rental  car next Kraton, the residence of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, the King of Yogyakarta today. Kraton stored in many historical objects ranging from Horse Carriage Kraton, traditional weapons and other historic objects. Kraton also can not be released to the history of the Indonesian Nation‘s Struggle for Independence. Kraton is often used to strategize the battle against the Dutch, especially General Offensive March 1, 1949 which was initiated by Sri Sultan Hemngkubuwono IX and as executor Lt. Col. Suharto.

Yogyakarta Tours using Jogja rental car next is the Castle, a resort park royal family of ancient Yogyakarta. In the Castle there is a bathing pool consort of King. Taman sari is located adjacent to the Sultan’s Palace.

Yogyakarta tours using Jogja car rental next is Jalan Malioboro. For those who want shopping in Yogyakarta, Malioboro street is the place. Here there are various kinds of souvenirs of Yogyakarta, ranging from handicrafts, trinkets available to dress up batik along Malioboro street. At night, along the roadside are stalls selling food tent typical food of Yogyakarta is gudeg. We can eat food while listening to music, singers are endless.

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