Golf Course In Yogyakarta

The blend of the natural beauty and the freshness of mountainous weather, the challenging hilly landscape with Volcanic rocks of million years makes the golf course one of the most attractive courses in Jogja / Yogyakarta and Central Java and difficult to forget.

Holes : 9 holes
Category : national
Green Fee :

Hyatt Golf Club

Hyatt Golf Club is offers a nine-hole golf course designed by Fisette Golf Design and landscaped by Tongg, Clark & McCelvey, both companies based in Hawaii. The starter box is located at the Bogey’s Teras next to the Health Club. Bookings for the golf course are made directly at the Bogey’s Teras where the tee-off time is noted down.

The Hyatt golf course has 9 holes suitable for beginners within the beautifully landscaped hotel grounds. Situated in the scenic outskirts of northwestern Jogja, the course affords stunning views of Mounts Merapi and Sewu. It is situated near the main highway with convenient access to Borobudur Temple, the city center and many other places of interest. Adisucipto Airport is just a 15-minute journey by car. Elegantly set amid 24 hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens, the Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta is more than a luxurious, sprawling, utterly relaxing retreat.

In Yogyakarta, there are hundreds of places where one encounters stunning views of Seribu and Merapi, the sacred mountains of Java. However, few rival the environs of Panorama Teras, the open-air, rooftop bar and restaurant accessible by staircase from the 7th floor at the Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta. No visit to the city is complete without at least one visit here (preferably at sunset), whether you’re staying at the hotel or not.




Holes : 18 Holes
Category : International
Green Fee :

Borobudur Golf Club

Borobudur Golf Club is located in the center of Magelang, a town in the valley of Mt. Tidar. Magelang is known for its cool, fresh climate and beatiful scenery. Approximately 40 km distance north of Yogyakarta and 60 km south of Semarang, our golf course was elegently designed by the world class golfer Douglas Duncanson, and worked out by expert in golf course building of PT Jababeka Golf Cikarang.

Our Borobudur International Golf & Country Club used to be the Persatuan Golf Tidar, which was a simple golf of 9 holes. In August 2006, the golf course began to be renovated. And in April 2007 the Indonesian Army Chief of Staff, General Djoko Santoso officially declared the golf course open. On June 2, 2007 the Indonesian Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik, officially declared the new golf course its name – Borobudur International Golf & Country Club .

A beautifully built green in the lake offers an attractive challenge even for professional golfers. Our golf course is also equipped with a luxurious clubhouse that offers multiple function and use. The clubhouse restaurant serves European, Oriental, Chinesse and Indonesian menu at reasonable rates. A well-stocked proshop enchances our clubhouse with various well-known branded golf equipment that guarantees satisfaction for golfers to choose the equipment they need. There is an ample space for parking and it provides an easy entry and exit. For beginners and professionals as well Borobudur International Golf & Country Club offers a driving range supervised by experienced instructor and accompanied by hospitable caddies that are helpful for anyone who come to practice driving.

Holes : 18
Category : International
Green Fee :
IDR 1.000.000

Merapi Golf Course

Merapi Golf Course is Open to the public this 18 holes, 6370 meters par 72 course located only 30 minutes drive from the ancient city of Yogyakarta. The stunning design of Merapi Golf Course is truly masterpiece of golf course, created by the golf course master: THOMSON, WOLVERIDGE & PERRETT.

Merapi the perfect Golf Course
A Golf Course sitting on 800 meters above sea level, with just the perfect climate and the most breathtaking panoramic view of Mount Merapi with the hinterland of Yogyakarta and the Indian Ocean, is worth trying to play on.

Merapi Golf Club House
The blend of the natural beauty and the freshness of mountainous weather, the challenging hilly landscape with Volcanic rocks of million years makes the golf course one of the most attractive courses in Central Java and difficult to forget.

Each hole is carefully planned and positioned and is distinctly different with its own difficulties, serving a superb test for clubbing.

The quiet and surrounding, the spectacularly beautiful view, make the golfers enjoy the game and certainly would not miss this challenging course. This is really the place where golf lovers could play without being bothered by the heat and pollution.

– Borobudur : 45 Km
– Prambanan : 15 Km
– Yogyakarta City : 20 Km
– Sultan Palace : 25 Km
– Adisucipto Airport : 15 Km
– Merapi Volcano : 10 Km


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