5 Best Places Hunting Sunrise Yogyakarta
Posted: 22 December 2014
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5 Best Places Hunting Sunrise Yogyakarta

5 Best Places Hunting Sunrise Yogyakarta that you must take when traveling to Yogyakarta. these places are spread throughout the city of Yogyakarta. To reach this place could use a variety of multiple modes of transportation, the most popular is the private car can you get through the car rental in Yogyakarta. In addition, you have to get up early in the morning before dawn so as not to miss the sunrise. In this paper will be presented favorite places and the best for hunting sunrise in Yogyakarta.1. Merapi5 Best Places Hunting Sunrise Yogyakarta first is Merapi. No doubt Merapi is the best place to hunt sunrise. It lies at an altitude makes it the most popular tourist locations in enjoying the sunrise. Especially in this place available rental cars and motor cross jeep that would take us up to the highest point which can still reach the vehicle. You do not need to tired to walk, except for those of you who want to exercise at the same time. To reach this place, you can use a jogja rental car or use public transport bus Jogja kaliurang.

2. Mount Sethumpu Borobudur

5 Best Places Hunting Sunrise Yogyakarta Borobudur second is sethumpu hill. It is in the area of Borobudur temple in Magelang. On this hill you can enjoy the sunrise in the background of Borobudur temple which megah.Untuk towards this place is not difficult. You can use a private car from a jogjakarta rental cars or use public transport buses that serve majors DAMRI magelang monument station or airport.

3. Suroloyo

5 Best Places Hunting Sunrise Yogyakarta third is the peak Suroloyo. This place is located in a mountainous region incise located in Kulon Progo Regency Yogyakarta. The only way to get to this place using the Yogyakarta car rental . Since there is no public transport to this location. There is a bus majors Jogja Borobudur but even then did not arrive at the location.

4. Nglanggeran

5 Best Places Hunting Sunrise Yogyakarta fourth is an ancient volcano peaks Nglanggeran. This place is a favorite place after a trim. To reach this place is the only way to use the car rental in Jogja. Because there is no direct public transport to this place. This place is a mountain peak located in the district sewu Gunungkidul.

5. Borobudur

5 Best Places Hunting Sunrise Yogyakarta fifth is Borobudur. To enjoy the sunrise at Borobudur temple we had to climb up to the top of the temple. Located high so that there is no barrier for us to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. To reach this place could use a private car rental car or public transport bus jogjakarta DAMRI majors magelang monument station or airport Adisucipto.

In addition to these places actually there are other places that can be used to enjoy the sunrise. Among prambanan green mountain peaks, the queen boko palace prambanan and cello boyolali region. All these places can be easily reached by rental car in Yogyakarta.

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