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Posted: 30 March 2016
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5 Reasons to Yogyakarta as the City Adventure to Exist

When thinking about the location for a holiday, what are we looking for? A city with a view of the eye which we have never seen and destinations that are so unique that would have left us with wonderful memories that will last forever. This is what helps us to menghabisakan sangay time and our wallets depleted for vacation in Yogyakarta. This trip will not be memorable without accompanied by the experiences driver of the rental car company renowned in Yogyakarta, namely JOGJARENTCAR.COM.

Yogyakarta or better known title JOGJA, Presenting to you a beautiful city with very friendly locals. The city is the capital of culture in Indonesia, while I call it the capital of adventure / adventure largest in Southeast Asia. Has a stunning natural charm, outdoor activities at any time be able to pump your adrenaline is filled with adventure / adventure exciting, exceptional dining and stunning views of the local community!

Yogyakarta has won my heart as a destination for culture and adventure. In one trip, I get so close to the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, visited two UNESCO World Heritage sites and down into an underground cave with a view of nature’s most amazing that I have never seen in my life.

1. Having the largest Hindu temple in Prambanan
UNESCO World Heritage site was built in the 10th century is the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia. Built in honor of the god Shiva 850m. Prambanan Temple architecture shows very complicated and you can stand in awe with exceptional charm in the development process of Prambanan temple at

enjoy at prambanan temple

enjoy at prambanan temple

that time and so carefully ancestors to build this temple of the great temple structures were built with a very long long time workmanship Prambanan temple. Around the temple there debris and fragments of building blocks that add a touch of rural and mystical. We spend the time to see the sunset in this temple but make sure if you take a trip to watch the light slowly matahanari every inch sundown at Prambanan temple will leave you with wonderful memories.

2. Watch the Sunrise at Borobudur Temple
It’s interesting how the largest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia, Prambanan, and the largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur, both located in the same city. That’s why Jogja referred to as the cultural city of Indonesia. Such as Prambanan, Borobudur forgotten for hundreds of years, and was buried under volcanic ash and jungle foliage. The cause is still a mystery left to historians but may be due to a shift in the Islamic religion in the 15th century. The rediscovery of this monument as a tribute to Sir Stamford Raffles, who was the ruler of Java.

I’ve read how Borobudur temple is the largest Buddhist monument in the world and it is an attraction that is most visited by tourists in Indonesia. UNESCO World Heritage Sites of this until I can see with my own eyes. I also can not believe that this temple was built over 1,000 years ago in 750 AD. The best time to see Borobudur Temple is at dawn where you will be able to watch the sunrise in the distance surrounded by more than 500 statues of Buddha. Do not forget to capture the iconic image of this very beautiful at Borobudur Temple.

early morning see sunrise at Borobudur temple -yogyakarta adventure3

early morning see sunrise at Borobudur temple -yogyakarta adventure3

3. Visit the Mount of the most active in Asia
Mount Merapi volcano called the most active in Asia with its track record of eruptions an average of 5-10 years apart since 1548. It literally means “Fire Mountain” in English. Events Mount Merapi last erupted in 2010 and the activity of the volcano makes it dangerous and mesmerizing at the time. We can see that out of the lava dome of Merapi volcano with a very fantastic to help guide a chartered jeep. Jeep through the gravel path and against the cool breeze. I felt like I was in an action movie setting is really real. What an adventure without vibration really nothing else that this experience I will never forget.

4. Down Goa inside Earth
This Jomblang cave looks straight out of the movie Indiana Jones might seem daunting but it’s a thrilling adventure you and will not be missed. Like taking a leap and stepped into another world in this case in the middle of the forest and changed into the cave contained water flow of the river is so swift. A quick trip through the darkness will bring you face to face with one of the most spectacular scenery that has never been experienced in the adventure / adventure tour we had before.

This is the most memorable activity that we conquered during a trip to Yogyakarta. We almost missed our opportunity for already down this Jomlang Goa in Gunung Kidul. The place is so well known by the refraction of sunlight to enter the cave. The best time at 12 noon through a small opening at the top of the cave, to produce one of the scenes you just think it is in action films. Jomplang cave is one of the additional experience of adventure and always remember this experience sepanjan our lives.

go down in Goa Jomlang, Gunugn Kidulyogyakarta adventure5

go down in Goa Jomlang, Gunugn Kidulyogyakarta adventure5

5. Boost Mobile bicycle with colorful lights
In the Java language, Alun-Alun means an open field of grass. This is the place where you see a castle, markets, mosques and squares of the city, not far from the square’s south. Yogyakarta has two Square. South Square (South) and Alun-Alun Utara (North) – located behind and in front of the royal palace / Kraton. It is a must to take a spin in one of these vehicles are brightly colored. For only Rp.50ribu, you can menganyun path around a large roundabout this square with this car accompanied songs latest hip-hop dimaikan of stereo player. Within the complex’s Square as shop lights, food and games. It reminded me of a typical carnival and sederhanan. You can find games like stick flaming catapults and blindfolds sold for less than Rp.10ribu. Take a peek at how the locals were playing a game and you’ll get the hang of it in a short time and tried to walk past the banyan tree planted in his eyes closed twin town square. The game is known as Masangin and according to local society belief that only those with pure hearts and clean who could walk past this twin banyan tree.

Enjoy a happy holiday with travel in Yogyakarta and Gunung Kidul with car rental service with driver in Yogyakarta. We had to return back to our town through flights from Yogyakarta Airport. Name Airport in Yogyakarta Adisucipto International Airport was named Airport of Yogyakarta is not quite big compared to airport-airport in Indonesia. But in Yogyakarta Airport Service is very good and fast, it was our last impression  were in Jogja. We will be back for a more exciting holiday again in Yogyakarta.

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