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Posted: 08 March 2016
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5 Tips Booking Car Rental in Yogyakarta

Sometimes we are dizzy to take care of a family vacation out of town. But the family vacation into the needs of children and parents to be relaxed for some time. For sightseeing trip in Yogyakarta will be running smoothly, you need to plan your prior to booking a hotel, booking airline tickets or train to and from the Yogyakarta / Yogyakarta and no less important you have to make booking car rental in Yogyakarta, as a suggestion trip transportation to the places you want to go while in Yogyakarta.

Together we will help you to leave a 5 Tips booking car rental in Yogyakarta, which will provide convenience and for the comfort and security of your family during a holiday in Yogyakarta. And by the way car rental in Yogyakarta will give you the freedom to choose all the favorite tourist attractions we wanted to visit while in Yogyakarta. And this tip will give you the best price deal that will get you to tour in Yogyakarta.

1.Booking Car Early

We plan our vacations far in advance, at least 1-2 months before the date of arrival, especially the holiday months (May-June-July) or the month of Eid, New Year and Christmas, due to the frequent spikes in demand or often full. With car rental booking early you will get a cheaper price and get the assurance of the availability of a car for your family. You can make an online booking for car rental in Yogyakarta. You can book online at Here you can make a car rental booking online and can be paid by credit card visa or master card bahakan can use a debit card from a bank BCA, Bank Mandiri. Booking early to give a deposit of 20% in advance. Easy and safe way rental car.

2. Compare the Best Price.

Many car rental company in Yogyakarta offering cheap prices on search engine for all kinds of cars. But you do not easily provoked by offering low prices, because sometimes by offering low prices but the quality of used cars is not feasible and would give problems that interfere in the course of travel in Yogyakarta. Search for a car rental company in Yogyakarta that is reliable as in or in They provide the best price with the quality of the cars are nice and very clean and the driver friendly and experienced in the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta.

3. Create a Program Schedule Tour in Yogyakarta

For time efficiency during a sightseeing trip in Yogyakarta, you must create a tour event schedule. How many days of vacation, tourist attractions anywhere that you want to visit, culinary or or to a place you’ve ever visited in Yogyakarta. Find information from various travel blogs or information from friends or on social media. But if you do not want to be confused or bothered. We will inform you about the trips to the tourist attractions and istimasi car rental rates in Yogyakarta.

Borobudur temple – Merapi Lava Tour – Prambanan

Departing early from the hotel, directly to Borobudur temple which is one of the largest Buddhist temples. Once completed towards Mount Merapi view from near the former errusi trim to make use of a Jeep. Then the show tour continued to Prambanan temple is one of the largest and most beautiful temple that became one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Car Rental Price:
All New Avanza = 500,000
All New Innova = 600,000
Isuzu ELF = Rp.900.000
Toyota Hiace Commute = Rp.1.200.0000

Kraton Jogja – Taman Sari – Kampung Batik – Kotagede -Beach Parangtritis

Departing after breakfast at the hotel, went directly to Kraton Yogyakarta which is the center of Javanese culture and the former kingdom of Mataram and go to a bathhouse king and his wife / daughter of the king in Taman Sari. Once you are satisfied event tour continues Jogja batik shopping and a close look at the traditional craft of making silver jewelry in the town. Topped event Jogja tour by visiting the legendary beach Parangtritis Beach. Tour event finished
Car Rental Price:
Car Rental Price:
All New Avanza = 500,000
All New Innova = 600,000
Isuzu ELF = Rp.900.000
Toyota Hiace Commute = Rp.1.200.0000

4. Choose New Car Types.

We must adjust the number of car-seat capacity with the number of family members who are going on tour in Yogyakarta. For example, if we are alone with our spouse, we use the rental car with Avanza car, or if you go 5 people are more comfortable using Innova cars bigger and comfortable. Especially for a group of about 10-15 people will be more comfortable with using Isuzu ELF or Toyota Hiace Commuter. Choose a car with kondis who are new to the manufacture of above 2013. By doing so we will be more convenient and secure way, by comparison we get older cars.

5. Get the Experienced and friendly driver.

Getting an experienced driver is very important to consider. Because the driver can be a guide to the sights we are going and can provide information about a variety of things about the culinary, history and events in the new place we know. And get a friendly driver will give you a sense of comfort throughout the journey, travel in Yogyakarta.

Similarly, as many as 5 tips booking car rental in Yogyakarta, hopefully this tip helpful and taken into account in planning your trip in Yogyakarta.

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