Gunungkidul Coastal Beauty Uniquieness
Posted: 19 January 2015
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Gunungkidul Coastal Beauty Uniquieness

Gunungkidul Coastal Beauty Uniquieness very interesting to visit. Gunungkidul coast located about 50 miles southeast of Yogyakarta city center or about a 1.5 hour drive in normal traffic conditions. In high season travel time can reach 2 to 3 hours. There is no public transport access to the coast Gunungkidul. The closest public transport is about 5 kilometers from the coast, and even then rarely snagat. To visited coastal Gunungkidul best way to use Yogyakarta car rental. In addition to comfortable, emnggunakan car rental in Jogja more economical, efficient and flexible in determining visited tourist attraction. The following reviews the Gunungkidul Coastal Beauty Uniquieness.

1. Baron Beach

Gunungkidul Coastal Beauty Uniquieness first coast is beach baron. If you enter through the west door levy, beach baron was the first beach in the region. Here there is a river that flows directly into the sea. Another uniqueness of this beach has waves are quieter because it was in the bay. However, the bay on the coast baron increasingly shortened. Be careful when swimming at the beach, only a few tens of meters of sea water is very deep and fairly strong ocean currents.

2. Kukup Beach

Gunungkidul Coastal Beauty Uniquieness second is beach alluvium. This beach is located just east beach baron. This silt beach reminds us of the beauty of the beach Tanah Lot in Balinese. On the beach there are cliff alluvium that is connected to the beach using the bridge as in tanah lot

3. Island Beach Drini

Gunungkidul Coastal Beauty Uniquieness third is Drini beach island. This beach is located on the east coast of alluvium. Drini beach island has a fairly large waves. Named island Drini because at this beach there is a small island. We can go to this island with a guided rope.

4. Indrayanti Beach

Gunungkidul Coastal Beauty Uniquieness fourth is Indrayanti beach. Perhaps this beach is the most popular beach in Gunungkidul even in Yogyakarta beat Parangtritis beach which was already well known. On this beach has a beautiful sunset. Sunset is that we can enjoy from the top of the hill to the beach trenggole border.

5. Single Pok Beach

Gunungkidul Coastal Beauty Uniquieness fifth is Gunungkidul single pok beach. This beach including pristine beaches. Not to many tourists who visit this beach. the entrance to the beach is still a rocky road, when the rainy season can be muddy. Encouraging the car can go to the beach parking lot. For a tour bus we had to walk about 1 mile. The tour bus could not get into the parking lot because their nets narrow beach.

6. Siung

Gunungkidul Coastal Beauty Uniquieness sixth is beach cloves. This beach is famous for its cluster of rocks are quite large. According to geographer at the beach was once a submarine volcano. Rocks on the beach this is a volcanic rock sea volcano in ancient times.

7. Beach Jungwok

Gunungkidul Coastal Beauty Uniquieness seventh is jungwok beach. Among the beach in Gunungkidul jungwok coast is the most virgin beaches that can already be visited. Actually there are many more virgin beach digunungkidul than jungwok, but no access to it. Although it is quite difficult and had to walk from the beach Wediombo, access to the beach jungwok easier.

Similarly, the Gunungkidul Coastal Beauty Uniquieness.

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