Hunting Sunset Place in Yogyakarta
Posted: 07 January 2015
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Hunting Sunset Place in Yogyakarta

Hunting Sunset Place Yogyakarta scattered throughout the city of Yogyakarta. Starting from beach to urban are hunting a sunset. To visit can use public transport or private vehicles, car rental in Jogja. In this paper will be reviewed on a hunt sunset in Yogyakarta that you should not miss. Here ulasanya.

1. Parangtritis

Hunting Sunset Place Yogyakarta first is parangtritis beach. And broad sloping beaches make this beach a favorite place to enjoy the sunset. You could say that the sunset beach parangtritis is the most beautiful sunset on the beach among the other in Yogyakarta. To reach even this place is not too difficult. Distance from downtown Yogyakarta is only 30 km.

2. Mount Parang Endog

Hunting Sunset Place Yogyakarta second is endog machete hill. This hill is located above the beach parangtritis. Actually, this hill is one area of Parangtritis beach circuitry. To go to this place we had to climb the hill. Here we can enjoy the sunset from a height.

3. Bukit Bintang

Hunting sunset place Yogyakarta third Sunset Hill star is located in Yogyakarta Gunungkidul pecking. Actually the fun at this place is after sunset. Because we biesa see the lights of the city of Yogyakarta from a height. To reach this place is also easy. It is just 20 miles from downtown Yogyakarta.

4. Ratu Boko

Hunting Sunset Place Yogyakarta fourth is the queen boko temple located in south Prambanan. Dibandi higher place in the surrounding areas makes this a favorite place to enjoy the sunset. It is easy to reach this place either use public transport or private vehicles. Public transportation that can be used is trans Jogja buses.

5. Beach Indrayanti

Hunting Sunset Place Yogyakarta fifth is Indrayanti beach. This beach including a new beach in Yogyakarta. Because beach beauty become popular even beat the beach baron who had already been there. This beach is located in Yogyakarta Gunungkidul approximately 60 km from the center of the city of Yogyakarta. The best way to this beach is the use of private vehicles. Around the coast there are also lodging.

Thus earlier review about The Hunting Sunset Place Yogyakarta. Hope it is useful.

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