5 Luxury car rental in Yogyakarta the most favourable
Posted: 06 February 2018
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5 Luxury Car Rental in Yogyakarta the Most Favourable

5 Luxury car rental in Yogyakarta the most favourable you need to know, before you choose the type of car that you will be hire . There are only a few car rental places in yogyakarta that provide luxury car rental services due to the high price of these cars for rent to customers. For now the demand and the use of luxury car rental in Yogyakarta has started quite a lot, but from the presentation of luxury car rental in Yogyakarta is still much less with the demand minibus cars such as Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, Hiace commuter.

Of all types of cars as many as 5 luxury car rental in Yogyakarta the most favourable, by customers as a means of transportation in the journey both from the government services such as ministers, officials for a working visit in Yogyakarta or used by entrepreneurs, esekutif for the luxury car rental this prestigious. But many tourists from overseas such as from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan use this luxury car for travel in Yogyakarta. They use luxury cars to visit tourist attractions such as Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple and Jogja city tour enjoy the beauty of nature in Yogyakarta.

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Of the 5 types of cars of this choice every car has its own advantages such as the look of the car body, car intirior, engine power and terrain that will be passed where tailored to your needs and your taste for the luxury car.
Among the 5 luxury car rental in Yogyakarta the most favourable as follows:

1. Toyota Alphard

The first choice is from 5 Luxury Car Rental in Yogyakarta the most favourable using with Toyota Alphard. Choosing a Toyota Alphard car is indeed much in demand by customers during this or one of the best-selling luxury car for car rental in Yogyakarta. Due to the large body shape of Toyota Alphard is charming, premium luxury cabin with a very classy. This luxury car produced by Toyota Astra This car entered in the MPV class with a futuristic car boy and the full features aimed at top class market.

As one of the most favourable luxury cars, this car has a large engine from 3000 cc to 3500 cc with 6 cylinder 24 Valve DOHC with dual VVTi. Besides, this luxury car much in demand by luxury car rental customers in Yogyakarta because it has a very spacious intirior design and perfect level of comfort that is unparalleled in its class because it has cabin dimensions 4.85mm x 1.83mm x 1.89mm Cabin with a capacity of 7 passengers has leather wrapped seats, air conditioning system using plasmacluster system.

2. Toyota All New Fortuner

This is the third choice to become one of the favorite cars of 5 Luxury car rental in Yogyakarta the most favourable with Toyota All New Fortuner. The car that entered in the class of SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) which became one of the best cars in the global product of Toyota Astra. Toyota All New Fortuner car is indeed an idol and demand among successful young executives. And Toyota Fortuner which has a 2.7 Dual DOHC Vvti engine for gasoline fuel and VNT Common Rail in 2.4 liter diesel engine has a design intirior that in andalkan. Among the luxurious cabins and dasbord views are stunning with electronic seats designed for classy car rental customers.

Besides that Toyota All New Fortuner has a change of body that changed completely from the previous generation. There are two new types of VRZ for diesel and SRZ with 4xWD, 2XWD reliable. With these features is not wrong if the customer of luxury car rental in Yogyakarta choose this car for use in travel adventure in tourist attractions in Yogyakarta.

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3. Mercedes Benz SLK-200

The fourth order of 5 Luxury Car Rental in Yogyakarta the most favourable and desirable is the luxury car using mercedez benz SLK 200. Mercedes Benz SLK 200 car is the favorite choice of VVIP guests diplomats and ambassadors or state guests who are visiting Yogyakarta. They chose the Mercedes Benz SLK 200 Compressor series as a luxury car for transportation while in Yogyakarta.

This legendary Germany – made sedan car, the Mercedes Benz SLK 200 we made in 2017 has a more luxurious intirior design than the dashboard model cabin intiror as well as luxurious leather seats. Mercedes Benz SLK 200 also has a powerful 2.0 liter turbo engine power with 4 cylinder engine speed reaches 184 PS.

4. All New Camry

For the second option is from 5 luxury car rental in Yogyakarta Yogyakarta the most favourable with Toyota All New Camry. As one of the global products of the world Toyota All New Camry as a luxury car class sedan that can be demanded by the user of this luxury car, both from the side of a very attractive body model, intirior design and features embedded in this luxury car.

We feel comfortable for luxury car rental Toyota All New Camry with more sophisticated features. For the safety features of this luxury car using dual airbag SRS there are 4 dots in front of the dashboard. The latest feature is the Wireless system available in this luxury car. Toyota All New Camry has 2 different types: New Camry 2.5 G, New Camry 2.5 V and New Camry 2.5 Hybrid. Toyota All New Camry luxury car has a 6 speed transmission by using DOHC engine with Dual VVTi gives an amazing engine power capability that can reach 277PS on 6200RPM engine rotation.

5. Toyota Innova Reborn 2018

The last position of 5 luxury car rental in Yogyakarta Yogyakarta the most favourable which became a favorite and most in demand by car rental customers in Yogyakarta is Toyota All New Innova Reborn Type Q. As one of the best-selling car in the MPV car line, many customers who choose this car Kijang Innova due to the cheaper price compared to other luxury cars and other considerations that this car kijang Innova has a luxurious cabin design that is not inferior to other luxury cars.

You can see dasboard looks very artistic blend of wood and leather is luxurious and steering wheel wrapped in soft leather. Seats are wrapped in luxurious leather and a very luxurious cabin with a captain seat. It is not wrong if car rental customers in yogyakarta choose Toyota Kijang All New Innova as a luxury car of choice cheap and classy.

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So the article about 5 luxury car rental in Yogyakarta Yogyakarta the most favourable. This article may be useful for you and as a reference travel or travel for travel in Yogyakarta.Untuk information about car rental in Yogyakarta. You can contact our customer service for the luxury car rental. For specific questions, you can send an email to: jogjarentcar@hotmail.com

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