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Posted: 26 March 2016
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5 Tourist Destination in Solo Must You Visited

Solo City is an exciting city to visit, the city has a culture and a history that is almost equal to the development of the city of Yogyakarta. Formerly the city is still in the Mataram kingdom reign. Following the agreement Giyanti, Mataram kingdom in broken into 4 palace consists of Yogyakarta Sultan, Paku Alam Jogja, Kasunanan Solo and Solo Mangkunegaran. Solo City is one of the largest city in Central Java after Semarang in Surakarta and entered the territory included in the province of Central Java. The total area of ​​the city of Solo is about 45 km2.

If you’re in the city of Yogyakarta, to go to the city of Solo, you can use bus transportation from the Bus Station in Yogyakarta and could use from Train Station Tugu Jogja with departures are limited to and to the city of Solo. More Faster and more convenient, you can hire rent a car to car rental in Yogyakarta . The journey can be reached in approximately 2 hours drive from Yogyakarta to Solo City.

If you from other city or other country, you can arrive to Solo city by flight. Possible take flight and arrive at Adisumarmo International Airport in Solo. Many domestic flight arrive at Solo like Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air and International flight from Singapore by Airasia or Silk Air. Other flight from Kualalumpur with Air Asia Airlines direct from Kualalumpur arrive and departure to Solo Airport.

There are 5 Tourist Destination in Solo Must You Visited  using the services of rental car with a driver from Yogyakarta to Solo you can more freely choose where to travel and not get tired on the way. Best tourist destinations places visited by many tourists, among others:

1.King Palace of Keraton Surakarta

Surakarta king palace was built in 1745 by the King Pakubowono II. The palace building is done gradually and completed during the reign of Pakubuwana x (1893 -1939). This palace complex including a more complete with the Square North and the South Square, Siti Hinggil, Sri Manganti, Kamandungan, Sumewa Sasana and Kedathon. Kasunanan Palace also stores items of historical value and high art including contained carriage and various royal heritage that is still stored properly.

king palace/kraton solo

king palace/kraton solo

2.King palace of Pura Mangkunegaran

Mangkunegaran king palace was built in 1757 by Prince Arya Duke or Prince Mangkunegaran Sumbernyawa. The architecture of this building combines classical Javanese and Eropa.Keraton or temple is composed Joglo huge pavilion with a pillar of Teak and have besejarah heritage and traditional arts such as masks, the carriage, the Javanese gamelan, puppet show, book collection Majapahit and Mataram dinasty.

3.Antique Market Triwindu

Antique Market Triwindu in Diponegoro street, Solo city precisely in the village Keprabon District of Banjarsari. Not far from the palace of Mangkunegaran. The market offers a variety of antiques that are no longer manufactured or antiques available limited market. Like the ancient lampshade, interior of porcelain, metal sculpture, shadow play, a dagger or even you DAPT find batik oldest out sold in this Triwindu market antiq market Triwindu.

triwindu antique market

triwindu antique market

4.Sukuh Temple

Sukuh is a temple, who has a unique shape and antique and unlike the temple in general. This temple was probably built in 1437, during the time of the collapse of the Majapahit kingdom. Shape resembles a temple with the temple of the Maya in Mexico. Sukuh have statues and reliefs were very unique steamy phallus symbols and yoniyang diwujudakn clearly but unique. Sukuh is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu or are in Berjo village, district Karanganyar Solo, Jenawi in the area. To go to this place needed a vehicle or a car because there is no public transportation to this Sukuh. This temple is about 35 Kilometers to the east of the city of Solo.It’s Sukuh temple.

cetho temple in solo

cetho temple in solo

5.Cetho temple

Solo Cetho in the exact location in the village Cetho, Gumeng or about approximately 30 Kilometers from the city of Solo. This temple was probably built in the 15th century temple is a relic of the Hindu religion, is used as a place of worship or meditation. This place is very beautiful with altitude of 1,400 above sea level with stunning scenery on the slopes of Mount Lawu surrounded by dense forest and tea plantations is very calm and cool meditation places.



This is 5 Tourist Destination in Solo Must You Visited became a favorite of tourists every vacation in the city of Solo. There is no harm we see cultural diversity and natural beauty of the city of Solo.

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