Rental Car in Yogyakarta to the Group
Posted: 25 March 2016
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Rental Car in Yogyakarta to the Group

A memory that will not be forgotten when we vacation together people closest family or friends or relations of the office. Go on holiday together, happy together during a sightseeing trip an own happiness. We could have a photo together and eat together and then uploaded to social media such as facebook, twitter, Intagram. It’s a trend of life style for this moment with those closest on where to eat or attractions, especially attractions in Yogyakarta are many places you can visit with the group closest friends.

About a tourist destination, Yogyakarta has the famous tourist spots in the world, famous for the natural landscape, cultural and culinary. Such as Borobudur temple and Prambanan temple is a temple or tourist who became one of the World’s Heritage or one of the World Heritage site in Indonesia, which is recognized worldwide. Or we can see the natural beauty panoramic of Dieng plateau, which is located in the town of Wonosobo or around 3 hours journey by rental car in Yogyakarta. And we could enjoy the beauty of the beaches in Gunung Kidul like Indrayanti beaches, dazzling beaches Ngobaran Beach. The attractions of this you can reach by using a rental car in Yogyakarta.

Special rental car in Yogyakarta to the group, you can rent a car with plenty of seating capacity. As rental car use Isuzu ELF, Toyota Hiace Commuter for groups of 10-15 people or Hire Rental Tourism Bus for groups of more than 20 people. For groups 2-6 people should you can rent a car Toyota Avanza or the All New Toyota Innova. Condition of the car is a separate consideration before you start the trip. It’s more important.

3 Considerations before you plan to rental car in Yogyakarta to the Group :

  1. Conditions Car or Car Year, the year of manufacture should not be more than 5 years for the safety of your journey.
  2. Select your car type according to the number of people for the efficiency and convenience of travel.
  3. Choose an experienced driver who knows the all the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, before you rent a car in Yogyakarta.


This is our recommendation, as your consideration in making your vacation plans with the group.

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