borobudur tour with driver
Posted: 12 March 2015
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Borobudur Tour with Driver

During a tour in Yogyakarta will not complete it, if you do not visit the Borobudur temple. Borobudur is the largest temple of Buddhism in the world. The temple is located in Magelang. And the temple is one of the World Heritages. The trip to Borobudur temple can be reached approximately 1 hour by car from Yogyakarta or from Adisucipto Jogja International Aiport.I have a very amazing experience while using the Yogyakarta in Yogyakarta car rental service called
From wala booking through online, I feel satisfied at all because it is very fast and responsive. Then the driver was amazing essence of our initial pickup at the International airport Jogja. Arriving air travel from Bali, arrived at Yogyakarta airport we were greeted friendly driver to accompany a trip to Borobudur tour with driver.
During the tour to Borobudur Tour with driver, very fun. Driver is very fluent in English and very informative to explain what we did not know there, and during happy to answer my questions about the culture and diversity of life style of Javanese society.

Arriving at Borobudur temple, we enjoy the largest temple along with a local guide in this temple. According to my tour guide is not master the material on the Borobudur temple. We visit this temple for 3 hours. Then we continue our journey towards Prambanan temple along our drive.

On the way we offer for lunch, in one of the restaurant which was very nice of sessions flavor and a thick atmosphere of Java elements in this restaurant.
We really enjoyed the cuisine, we ate was delicious as possible from the morning we have breakfast from Bali.

Afternoons we’ve arrived at the Prambanan temple, one of the biggest Hindu temple built in the 9th century AD. Once completed and satisfied to see the beauty of Prambanan, our driver drove us to the airport Jogja International Airport for departure back to Bali. With a warm hug and full besahabatan we parted at Yogyakarta Airport. It was a memorable trip while in Indonesia. And we recommend to our friends in the Netherlands. Thanks Sigit.

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