borobudur sunrise at punthuk situmbu
Posted: 15 March 2015
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Borobudur Sunrise at Punthuk Situmbu

Hobby of photography is one of the very fun activity to do especially with the community. Besides, you can capture important moments and the beauty of an object you will ever see and visit as at Borobudur. In Borobudur temple there are many interesting objects for us to take a picture with an interesting background story. Here you can also learn the greatness of Indonesian culture and heritage in Borobudur temple. From the stories and history of the Borobudur temple. As stupa, Buddhist statues, reliefs and architectural of Borobudur temple and blend natural scenery is so harmonious.

borobudur sunrise

borobudur sunrise


However on Punthuk Situmbu is one of the best place in Borobudur Temple the best angle of Photography with a very interesting natural panoramic to be seen from this place. The place name is Punthuk Situmbu. It is located about 5 KM west of Borobudur temple on the location of the GPS coordinates S7”36’25.5”E110”10’39 ”. Or located in the village Karangrejo, Borobudur, Magelang regency, Central Java. Actualy, the trip from Yogyakarta to Borobudur temple about 1 hour drive or 35 KM to the north of the city of Yogyakarta.

locket ticket Situmbu

locket ticket Situmbu


Punthuk Situmbu and Borobudur temple is a place some distance from Yogyakarta and not too crowded. Here is not easy to be able to find public transportation, we recommend you first prepare the transportation of Yogyakarta. Not necessary to hire tour guide.
You could be hire car rental with a driver who many know this place. We recommend, you can contact a company that already has a reputation for tours in Borobudur and Yogyakarta and tours throughout Java.

The company name was JOGJARENTCAR.COM.
You can make a reservation / booking online or can call on telephone number: +62 081802775999/085878897777

Estimates of Expense
Admission Fee : IDR.30.000 / person
Includes: Warm Drink Coffee / Tea, Flashlights.

take picture at borobudur temple

take picture at borobudur temple

Once you are satisfied in Punthuk situmbu, you can continue the exploration of the object image in Borobudur.

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