Car Rental with Driver to Bromo Tour for 3 Days
Posted: 24 April 2016
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Car Rental with Driver to Bromo Tour for 3 Days

Experience during a vacation in Java the most amazing compared to other tourist programs in Yogyakarta or other tourist place. This tour program with Car rental with Driver to Bromo Tour for 3 days. You will enjoy a ride on the Java ISland to see the natural scenery, harmonious local community life, see the green paddy fields on the mountain slopes, and see the temples of the exotic heritage of the world that has the appeal of every tourist who comes.

Tour program with Car rental with Driver to Bromo Tour for 3 days is also very special to treat sites has attractive natural landscape such see the sunrise at Mount Bromo is very beautiful, majestic tour to Borobudur temple with natural scenery breathtaking and sunset at Prambanan, the most beautiful Hindu temple in the world. To meet the tour program with Car rental with Driver to Bromo Tour for 3 days, is in great demand by foreign tourists every vacation in Jogja City Tour and all the tourist attractions on the island of Java. To reach the tourist attractions are the best in the whole island of Java in particular to Mount Bromo, this is especially important if the tour journey accompanied by a driver who is experienced and knows the location of the tourist spot for sure. We as a car rental company in Yogyakarta at Jogja City has a skilled and experienced driver, friendly and can provide information about tourist attractions, local people’s lives and understand your travel program well.
Tour program with Car rental with Driver to Bromo Tour for 3 days, you will accompany us to see the sights following itinerary as follows:
Day 1 Borobudur – Prambanan
We will be pick up of you at the hotel or at the airport. The event begins at 9:00 am with a tour to see the temple of Borobudur, one of the best world heritage and one of the largest Buddhist temples in world. Borobudur temple, the wall has 2,672 relief which is the most complete relief of the largest in the world and 504 statues of Buddha in various positions archa different. And consists of 6 patio is square and 3 courts of a circular at the top of Borobudur. Once satisfied trips with rental car and driver is continued towards Prambanan temple are Hindu temple which is one of the most beautiful and world heritage are also located in Yogyakarta. Here we can see the sunset to spend time in one of the largest Hindu temples in Asia. After a satisfying return to your hotel.

Day 2 Yogyakarta to Mount Bromo in Ngadisari.
Departure from the hotel after breakfast at your hotel around 08:00 AM. The trip is much less than 12 hours to Mount Bromo. You will pass through various cities in Java including through the city of Solo, Ngawi, Mojokerto, Pasuruan and Probolinggo and passed Ngadisari place to stay overnight at the moment is not far from Mount Bromo. During the trip you can see the beautiful rice paddies along the way, the lives of local people and landscapes different in every towns bypassed. We could stop for a moment to a local coffee break who have a different sense of pleasure or drinking fresh tea in a restaurant we singgahi and we can take pictures amid green rice paddies. On arrival at Ngadisari, we Probolinggo hotel overnight your order. Car rental prices do not include hotel you choose and booking jeep for Bromo Tour. You can order Jeep before doing Bromo Tour. Car Rental Rates for Bromo Jeep tour of Rp.400,000. Hire Car Jeep can accommodate around 5 passengers. You will be picked up at 3:00 am by a driver to start the Tour Bromo. Mount Bromo has the advantage panorama fascinating natural attractions. Time is the best in time of sunrise / sunrise to see the beauty of Sunrise Mount Bromo in Penanjakan (altitude 2775 ft) with a stretch of sea sand with fog and cold air. The scenery is fantastic with the background of Mount Semeru, the largest mountain in Java. To get to the point view in Penajakan you can rent a jeep from the hotel and it is dangerous when you are driving your own car because the roads are very extreme and need a 4 × 4 car needed. 
The point where the most interesting sights to visit in Mount Bromo include:
1. Penanjakan at Mount Bromo, this place is the best place to see the beauty of the sunrise at Mount Bromo. Many tourists both domestic and foreign travelers make the choice to watch Sunrise Penanjakan here. To reach this place indeed feels heavy when the regular car because the road is uphill and steep, then you are required to hire a jeep in advance. Just pay 400,000 As you can hire a jeep and depart from the hotel at 03:00 towards Penanjakan to see Sunsrise.
2. Sand Sea at Mount Bromo, after seeing the sunrise from your Penanjakan directly to the crater bromo to pass through the sea of ​​sand is very broad. This is a sea of ​​sand hasi eruption crater of Mount Bromo erupted several times events eruptions that formed a sea of ​​sand. Only Jeep capable of crossing the ocean of sand and if it does not know the terrain here you can get stuck in a sea of ​​sand.
3. Crater of Mount Bromo, to reach into the crater of Mount Bromo after from the Sea of ​​sand you can rent horses or walk the 2 KM from the parking lot of your Jeep. Then you pass sebayak 250 stairs to the top of Bromo crater. At the peak of Mount Bromo is annually held events Kasodo.
Day 3 Bromo Tour – Ngadisari – Airport Juanda

Travel program with Car rental with Driver to Bromo Tour for 3 was very impressive and climax at Mount Bromo. After completion Bromo Tour back to the hotel for breakfast and shower you then traveled to Surabaya. Travelling from Ngadisari in Hotel Bromo Surabaya area approximately 3 hours journey by passing Probolinggo, Pasuruan and Sidoarjo prior to the Juanda Airport in Surabaya.
Estimate your expenses for travel Program with Rent A Car with Driver to Bromo Tour for 3 this:
1. Price Car Rental using All New Avanza Price on Rp.4.000.000 or using with All New Innova Rp.4.5000.000 (2-4 passengers) and Isuzu Elf (10 passengers) Rp.6.000.000 including emty run to Yogyakarta
2. Hire Jeep  Price for 5 passengers Rp.400,000
3. Tickets for Foreign Tourists Travel Borobudur and Prambanan USD.20 USD.18.00 and entrance ticket for foreign tourists Bromo Rp.317.000 per person including insurance.

This is travel program with Rent A Car with Driver to Bromo’s Tour for 3 references for your tour in Yogyakarta, Java and Bromo Tour.

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