Enjoying beauty Gunungkidul Gambar Mount
Posted: 28 January 2015
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Enjoying beauty Gunungkidul Gambar Mount

Enjoying beauty Gunungkidul Gambar Mount interesting to visit. Mount Image is located in the village of subdistrict Ngawen jurangjero Gunungkidul district. Mount the image is located approximately 50 miles from downtown Yogyakarta. With a height of 200 meters above sea allows us to freely enjoy the view from the summit of Mount Fig. Named mountain images, because in the 18th century there was a prince‘s son-in-law of Mangkubumi, Raden Mas Said use this place to draw a strategy against the Netherlands at the top of a rock. To reach this place could use a rental car in Yogyakarta that we can meet easily. Mount the image is known as a place ruins or relics KGPAA Mangkunegara I or better known as Pangeran Samber Nyawa or Raden Mas Said against the Dutch colonists. This place used as a defense headquarters Prince Samber Lives in strategizing against the Netherlands.

There are many myths associated with Enjoying beauty Gunungkidul Gambar Mount. One is the dalang who wants to start his career required to retreat at this place for days. If not stronger then a career as dalang will not be successful. But behind the myth of the Mountain Pictures presents a natural landscape to be missed.

Enjoying beauty Gunungkidul Gambar Mount, we could climb to the top of a motorcycle or for those who want adventure can reach by foot. Do not be surprised with this image lane mountain tracks. The Road is quite rugged. It is not recommended to use a motorcycle matic. At the top we can set up a tent and trekking around the mountain image. In the evening we can enjoy the twinkling lights like stars at night. In the morning we could enjoy the beautiful sunrise. If the weather is clear we can menikmait view of Mount Merapi, Rowo Jombor and Gajah Mungkur in Wonogiri.

Once a year the event was held in the village Wonosadi Sadranan the appeal Enjoying beauty Gunungkidul Gambar Mount. As quoted from government websites Gunungkidul, besides Sadranan also held traditional arts Ngawen ie rindhing gumbeng. Rinding is a musical instrument made of bamboo splinter blown. While gumbeng is a musical instrument that resembles a guitar percussion made of bamboo with the strings are played by beating.

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