Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul
Posted: 31 August 2016
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Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: Tourist destinations in Gunung Kidul each visit and become a favorite choice for the traveler of the traveler both domestic and from others countries. In the domestic market of the traveler coming from outside the city such as Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Semarang, Solo and towns near Yogyakarta. From Overseas country, traveler from Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, France and the Netherlands. They like tourist sites that have a challenge like in Goa Jomblang by entering the cav, or mountain climbing and adventure tour by car Jeep is a tourist sensation that triggers your adrenalin of hormones.

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Overview Gunung Kidul

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: Gunung Kidul Tour is one of the districts that enter into the territory Provience of Yogyakarta. The Capital District in Wonosari. With an area of ​​approximately 1,485 km2 with a population of about 800.000 people most of the population live in mountainous areas and barren chalky. Gunung Kidul district partially in a thousand mountain range area, but on long time ago and than Gunung Kidul now, there are much different condition. Now Gunung Kidul very green overgrown shade trees and many have the potential to become an attractive tourist and excellent tourism in Yogyakarta right now.

Thing To Do in Gunung Kidul

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: Gunung Kidul Regency also as an alternative choice for tourists who are on vacation in Jogja. Many tourists and traveler had often visited the temple of Borobudur, Prambanan temple, Kraton /Sultan Palace and Taman Sari. They want a new tour more challenging by nature. And many attractions in Gunung Kidul, they can answer the desire of tourists who want a vacation in Yogyakarta.

We also will give of you,  the detail information about  many Tourist Destination, Tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul to be reviewed in this article as your reference material for your holiday in Yogyakarta.

Goa Pindul or Goa Kulisuci

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: One of the most Ecotourism, interesting to visit tour destination at this time. During on  holidays and weekend a lots invaded by tourists who want to enjoy and along the Kali Suci who are inside of Pindul Cave.

GOA Kali Suci the mean is Kali= River, Suci = Holy, Clean, Scred. Clean Rivers and Holy, Holy, Sacred river is clean inside Pindul Cave. In the past this place often used to be imprisoned for the Javanese people around GoaPindul.

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: One of the most interesting in Gunung Kidul Tours is so exciting, you will enjoy the beauty of the limestone rocks and down the river with the tube, or better known cave tubing. The traveler will be invited along rivers at Kalisuci and guided by a local tour guide to explain the history of Goa Pindul and myths that sometimes do not make sense. You may believe it or not, but to be honest this place is very interesting because in Goa Pindul there are stalactites and stalagmites are still active.

Entrance tickets to Goa Pindul of Rp.65.000 per person. The price includes equipment tires buoy, lifebelt, transportation to Goa Pindul.

Mount Purba Nglanggeran

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: One of favorite Tour Destination in Gunung Kidul this one is also very interesting to visit and these attractions you can input into your tour program for vacation in Jogja. Especially for travelers who like adventure and hobby for mountain climbing.

Mount Purba Nglanggeran become favorite tourist spot in Gunung Kidul has a height of about 700 meters above sea level and one of the oldest ancient mountain to mountain life of more than 60 million years ago. Wow … that’s very oldest site ever.

Mount Nglanggeran, Gunung Kidul

Mount Nglanggeran, Gunung Kidul

Mount Purba Nglanggeran also have a very fantastic scenery when sunrise and sunset coming up. Therefore, every weekend tourists who come set up camp on the mountain tops to simply enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains Nglanggeran.

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: Location sites Nglanggeran in Gunung Kidul Mountain is located in District Pathuk which is not far from the city of Yogyakarta or just 40 minutes away by car and takes approximately 1 hour to climb this mountain to the summit.

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Goa Jomblang in Gunung Kidul

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: Goa Jomblang is one of the tourist destination in Gunung Kidul most prestigious one in the world at this time. This place is often covered from foreign television for an episode of “Amazing Race” and domestic to capture the beauty of natural panorama in Goa Jomblang.

Goa Jomblang in Gunung Kidul, you will enjoy adventure like Indiana Jones movie where you will be invited along Jomblang 300-meter cave with cave down with ropes and down the Goa Jomblang. It was an amazing experience while in the cave with sunlight to enter the cave at 10:00 am and see the captivating natural phenomena in the cave in which there are clear streams and rapids. We can take a shower and take pictures capture the beauty of Goa Jomblang this unmatched.

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: Jomblang cave

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: Jomblang cave

Travel Guide to Gunung Kidul: The best time is you should depart from hotel in Yogyakarta at 7:00 am and travel approximately 2 hours drive. We suggest you can hire car rental in Yogyakarta to Goa Jomblang. Rental car with driver who knows Goa Jomblang because the place is difficult and enters in the middle of a forest. About 10 hours is the best time melakuakan adventure activities in Goa Jomblang. Ticket prices per person Rp.450.000 has included security and safety equipment and guided by an experienced Tour Guide.

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Snorkling in Nglambor Beach

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: One of the attractions in Gunung Kidul different beaches in Yogyakarta. In this Ngalambor Beach, you can perform activities snorkling see the beauty of marine life is very beautiful among colorful coral reefs, sea grass with beautiful ornamental marine fish that can take a closer look at how to dive.

Here you can also rent diving equipment and umbrellas to enjoy the beauty of the white sand beach and clean. This place is suitable for a choice vacation spot for your family while in Yogyakarta.

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: Ngalambor beaches in Gunung Kidul at Tepus precisely in the area and not far from the beach, there are beach Jogan and beach Siung suitable hobby of rock climbing can do outdoor activities on this beach.

Cable Car in Timang Beach

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: One of the nice beaches in Gunung Kidul most challenging place to visit is the beach Cuddle in Gunung Kidul. Besides Cuddle beaches have big waves, because it is located along the shores of the Indian Ocean or South Beach is famous for big waves. Not only the big waves, beach Cuddle have a lot of rocks and steep along the coast and around the beach. But in destination of that, a lot of locals using the venue as a place to hunt lobter that are sold at high prices. And place it as one of the local livelihoods from year to year.

Opposite the beach there Cuddle small island. The small island called Pulau Panjang Watu. Watu meaning stone long length. On the island portion of the population to seek lobter and sea fishing. To get to the island Panjang Watu made tether length between the islands with a hillside on the edge of abstinence as a means of crossing the fishermen on the island of Cuddle.

But as the season fish was quiet, lifeline to the cable car that changed the functions used by locals as a means of recreation for tourists who want to try passing Watu Long Island. An unforgettable experience, when we tried to use the cable car pass rush of the waves and the rocks were great mebuat adrealin we rustled tight. Sensation remarkable when in Timang beach at the time.

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: Timang Beach located one hour from the Capital District Wonosari by car or about 30 KM. If from Yogyakarta approximately 2.5 hours to heading Timang beach in Gunung Kidul.

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See Sunset in Indrayanti Beach

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: most I like here, comfortable place to swim with clean white sand and suitable for play is in Indrayanti Beach. Indrayanti Beach in Gunung Kidul is very famous among local tourists in Yogyakarta, every weekend is never quit beach in the favorite tour destination in Yogyakarta.

Facilities at the Indrayanti Beach is complete, here are fairly comfortable homestay with prices ranging from Rp.250.000 / night /room and there is a restaurant located on the waterfront. Cool place to chat while seeing the beauty of the Indrayanti Beach at sunset time, it is very interesting natural charm Indarayanti beach in Gunung Kidul.

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul - Sunset in Gunung Kidul Beach

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul – Sunset in Gunung Kidul Beach

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: to Indrayanti beach is in a location not far from the beach and Krakal Baron and Kukup and easy to reach by vehicle transport or private car. If you depart from Yogyakarta, we recommend to use a car, you can hire rental car and rental car with driver to get to Indrayanti Beach

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Culinary in Wonosari and Gunung Kidul

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: Yogyakarta area famous collection of dishes and diversity of culinary specialties wagged his tongue, including in the area of ​​Gunung Kidul. Specialy at Gunung Kidul, culinary food here you should try to get to know Gunung Kidul addition of many food dishes  to beautiful destinations to visited.

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul : Culinary Gunung Kidul

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul : Culinary Gunung Kidul

Here is a many culinary tour in Wonosari and Gunung Kidul you can visit:

Tiwul Yu Tum

Typical food of Gunung Kidul most scarce in today is the Tiwul. Previously, this meal is the staple food rice substitute, at the time of high rice prices kidul mountain communities make Tiwul and gatot of cassava material is used as populer food people in Gunung Kidul.

At this time Tiwul made with a variety of flavors with an attractive appearance and beautiful packaging makes these traditional foods made by Gunung Kidul typical souvenirs by tourists. Tiwul famous is Tiwul Yu Tum with prices ranging Rp.20.000 and you can get typical souvenirs.

Sego Abang in Warung Jirak

This place is famous for serving dishes typical of Gunung Kidul in the form sego abang ( brown rice) with vegetables and green chilies typical Food inGunung Kidul. Besides, complementary side dishes such as fried wader, jerked beef, marinated tofu. And vegetable dishes typical of the past, such as: trancam, papaya leaf vegetable. Of all the menu, the most favorite and champion of flavor is green chilies and sego abang (brown rice). Many officials and the president, if there is traffic in Wonosari always come to this diner. Although this diner is very simple and a lot of customers in this shop and never quiet. Jirak food stalls are located in Jl.Raya Wonosari- Semanu Km.7 Wonosari.

Sate Kambing Pak Turut

The most famous satay in Wonosari and Gunung Kidul. Soft goat satay traditional recipes and seasonings that stirs our appetite. Also Sate Kambing Pak Turut is established since 1979, has a typical tersediri with other goat satay, skewers it before the fire, skewers soaked in curry sauce condiment and produce a tasty satay and tender. Prices range from Rp.15.000 / pore. The location in Jalan Kesatrian 63 Wonosari.

Eating seafood at the Beach Baron

Baron Beach in addition to tourist attractions, here also there is a fish auction at Baron Beach. Many fishermen anchored off the coast Baron and sell their immediate response to the auctions and travelers can make purchases disini. Fish fresh sea, you can buy it, you can also directly be cooked at the diner located at Baron Beach. The price of fish here is very cheap and taste the cuisine in this shop is not inferior to a restaurant or star hotel.

Access Transport to Gunung Kidul

Gunung Kidul as a place of prime tourist destination in Yogyakarta, for when it’s already well prepared by the government of Gunung Kidul and D.I.Yogyakarta Province. Almost every highway leading to places of tourist destinations have a smooth path and complete infrastructure to support the advancement of tourism and to improve the economic life of local communities.

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: Almost every road made smooth and wide that can be used by cars, bus transportation. We will not find another white cobblestones like 10 years ago. Many tourist buses and cars from outside the city of Yogyakarta entering Gunung Kidul district for carrying vacationers.

There are several Free Gunung Kidul Tour,  Tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul using a variety of transportation access that you can use to get to the tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul from Jogja, Yogyakarta


By using a bike is cheap transport solutions and festive you can use to rent a motorcycle in the city of Yogyakarta that many motorcycle lease rental services in any tourist area in Yogyakarta. With your motorcycle, traveling tour in Gunung Kidul will be increased and expenses are cheap.

But if it does not know the tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul is good, then the possibility of getting lost will result in your tour trip will be wasted time.

Public Bus Transportation

If you depart from the city of Yogyakarta you can choose public transit bus lines Jogja – Wonosari Giwangan Bus Station, Yogyakarta. Travel by bus transportation is expected to take two hours. Then upon arrival at the terminal Wonosari you can select the appropriate rural transport routes, approaching a tourist area where you are calling.

We do not recommend using this method, because most rural transportation not only through the capital district directly into a tourist destination. You should look for a motorcycle taxi again if you want to get to the tourist attractions you want to want. Will be a lot of time is wasted in this way. We do not recommend.

Car Rental in Yogyakarta to Gunung Kidul

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: We recommend to use the rental car in Yogyakarta to Gunung Kidul. You can also freely go to the tourist destinations in Gunung Kidul -the your liking without wasting time. Preferably in meyewa rental car company you can choose a car rental service and driver to make it easier on tour and in Gunung Kidul because it is guided by an experienced driver. Most Yogyakarta rental car with driver has a lot to know all the tour destinations in Gunung Kidul.

There are many options for the type of car you rent a car depends on how many people will take traveled in Gunung Kidul.Here we give a tour guide on rental cars in Yogyakarta, to be on tour in Yogyakarta and Gunung Kidul will run smoothly.

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: We recommend to use the rental car in Yogyakarta to Gunung Kidul. You can also freely go to the tourist destinations in Gunung Kidul : Car Rental in Yogyakarta to Gunung Kidul

Travel Guide in Gunung Kidul: Car Rental in Yogyakarta to Gunung Kidul

There are several types of cars that you can rent and tailored to your travel budget.

Rental Car Toyota Avanza

This car has a capacity of up to 5 people. For the purpose to Gunung Kidul and tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul. Car rental price 600.000

Already included: Rental car in the duration of 12 hours, driver and gasoline. The price does not include admission, fees, parking and meal and tip the driver.

Rental Car Toyota Innova

This car is bigger than the Toyota Avanza. Toyota Innova car capacity by number of seats 7 people. For the purpose of Yogyakarta to Gunung Kidul ordinary rental car to charge Rp 700,000 for the purpose place in Gunung Kidul. Prices include driver and gasoline car rental with a duration of 12 hours

Hire Tourism Bus / Isuzu ELF / Hiace Commuter.

This car rental with tourism bus or Isuzu Elf and Toyota Hiace Commuter very suitable for groups to travel more than 10 peoples.

We recommend that if you have travel plans tour in Gunung Kidul to book the better, make reservations in advance because this great car in Yogyakarta is very limited.

For the price of a car rental you should immediately contact the car rental service provider in Yogyakarta. You can contact the car rental in Yogyakarta , such as: tel / whatapps: 081802775999 tel / whatsapp: 081390363099

Accommodation Hotel in Gunung Kidul

The last 10 years Gunung Kidul go through significant tourism development of tourist visits in Gunung Kidul. But not yet be balanced by means of the hospitality in this region. Mount Kidul has not been found in five-star hotels, mostly in the form of homestay is located on the waterfront, but it is not so much and the hotel facilities were not adequate.

We advise you, when holidaying in Gunung Kidul you can stay hotel in Yogyakarta then you can rent a car Yogyakarta to Gunung Kidul to trip your tour. Estimated to travel approximately 2-3 hours journey by using car rental services in Yogyakarta to the tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul.

Similarly, tour guides to tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul we have made to our tour and reference materials in Yogyakarta vacation with your family. Happy holidays, good fun

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