Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau
Posted: 29 August 2016
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Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau

Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau. Did you know Dieng Plateau ? Dieng Plateau location at Wonosobo and Banjarnegara, Central Java. Dieng Plateau where tourism is a mainstay of Central Java province with a tourist destination is very interesting to visit because the tour destination combines nature enchanting, cultural tourism in the form of a complex of Hindu temples and mountains are overgrown vegetable illustrious, coffee plantations and tea plantations refreshing.

We made a Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau can assist you in arranging trips and everything in the course of travel from Yogyakarta to Dieng.

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5 Things to Do in Dieng Plateau

Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau : The trip from Yogyakarta to Dieng can be reached in approximately 3 hours using automobiles or car. The place is a bit isolated and there is no public transportation that can be accessed to Dieng,

Dieng Plateau is a tourist place very exotic landscapes and Dieng Plateau Tours also had a favorite tourist spot that no one will find find another place in the presence of natural phenomena that occur in Dieng. Please note that the list of tourist attractions is to guide your trip before you go travel to Dieng Tour

Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau to Telaga Warna or Color Lake area is a very nice place to explore the tourist attractions in Dieng. In fact, many tourists come to Dieng Telaga Warna will not pass as a tourist destination to visit. They walked by the lake enjoying nature overgrown leafy the trees dan freshing air.

Colour Lake, a lake that is very colorful with shades of red, green, blue, white, and purple, if the sunny weather and direct sunlight towards the lake. While Pengilon, with clear water. Pengilon the mean is Mirror. The unique thing is extremely clear water reflecting like mirrors.

There are two places to Telaga Warna viewpoint, where you can enjoy the view of the lake from above Point view Telaga Warna. One is of Sidengkeng Hill and see from Batu Pandang Dieng.

Color Lake At Dieng Plateau

Color Lake At Dieng Plateau

Hear the word of the crater like a terrible thing our mind. Like something hot air with hot lava once it is in the crater proficiency level. But this has not happened in the crater sikadang in Dieng.

Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau  to Sikadang Charter have craters with a diameter of about 5 meters with like boiling water because the crater is still active but still safe for the volcanologist are visited. These attractions to be visited and in this area there are also small craters that can be found in addition to Sikadang crater.

Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau virit to Hindu temple complex in Dieng, is the site of the oldest Hindu religious culture prior to the existence of Borobudur and Prambanan. Arjuna temple or temple complex was built in the 7th century. Arjuna around the temple there are also temples that you can visit such as Bima temple, temple Gatutkaca, Puntadewa Temple and many temples with names of characters of Mahabharata.

If you want to enjoy the temple complex itself, better come early in the morning.

You can also explore the tea plantations or even a coffee plantation. You just can not pass through the plantation, but you can also go and explore the plantation area imi.

Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau visit to Tambi tea plantation, you can join the Agro Tour guided by a local tour guide to accompany and explain to you will be about tea. After that, you can go to the tea factory and learn about the process for making the tea leaves and you can try to make a drink of tea.

Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau is See the Golden Sunrise at Sikunir Hill in Dieng plateau, Central Java. the Golden Sunrise at Sikunir Hill  is the most beautiful sunrise in Indonesia. With a very high location, which allows to see the sunrise perfectly. A great time to enjoy the charm of Golden Sunrise Sikunir Dieng is in the dry season. When perid May – June, when you lucky you can see Rainbow Sunrise at the sky in Dieng.

sikunir hill - dieng plateau

sikunir hill – dieng plateau

In this place there is also a place for camping or camping. You can set up your camping gear for those who like camping. For those who do not set up like camping you can choose a hotel or homestay in Dieng Plateau at an inexpensive price.

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Trying Foods Dieng

Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau : There are plenty of local delicacies that you need to try when traveling in Dieng. Most of the basic materials used are agricultural products that are in Dieng and the manufacturing process is traditional and typical culinary delights locals.

Some of the things I suggest you try including Tempe Kemul (food from fermented soybeans), Carica and Noodle Ongklok.

– Tempe Kemul is food fermented soy beans, fried (but not until crispy) with flour. I like to eat Tempe Kemul with green chili. It’s spicy and delicious.

– Carica is a fruit able to be found in the vicinity of the Dieng plateau. Carica is like small papaya. It feels good fresh or mixed as a drink.

– Mie Ongklok is famous noodle dish in the Dieng Plateau. Mie Ongklok have taste sweetness to the sauce and good taste for my opinion. You must try it ! Many people like to try this unique culinary Dieng

Where to Stay in Dieng ?

Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau is No star hotel mostly homestay is in this tourist area. Most homestays are here mostly used by local Backpacker to stay here for a transit to see the sunrise,

There is a hotel located in the town of Wonosobo, about 15 km from the district, but has expensive prices and service are not good if you compare a stay at the hotel in Yogyakarta. Instead, we advise you not to stay in Dieng. According to my stay stay in the city of Yogyakarta will be better than in Dieng.

Homestay and Hotel in Dieng :

Our recommendation is you should stay in Wonosobo city area which is not far from the tourist area of ​​Dieng. In Wonosobo there are several hotels and home Stay appropriate to use to stay here. Among them:

Budget Hotel: Ortegha Homestay and the Pondok Bambu Sendangsari

Star: Kresna Gallery Hotel or Hotel Asia.

How to get to Dieng Plateau ?

Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau  is Tourism Regions Dieng Plateau in Central Java, to go in Dieng you can depart from the city of Semarang approximately 4 hour drive by car and you can depart from Yogyakarta about 3.5 hours depending on road congestion during your trip.

Some of these we will give guide to get to Dieng Plateau. There are several options that you can do for Dieng Plateau that you can use, including:

If you have the budget, do not hesitate to simply rent a car with a driver. Rental cars will include gasoline and English speaking driver. You can rent a car from Yogyakarta for a day trip to Dieng. That’s one of solution Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau.

Lot of options that you can choose a car and total number of passengers. There are several car rental rates in Yogyakarta which you can use to transportation to Dieng from Yogyakarta

Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau: car rental in yogyakarta

Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau: car rental in yogyakarta

The price includes Fuel, Rental Car and English speaking driver.

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This method actually we do not recommend, because you will get lost and wasting time your travels. Because you have to Ganta-change bus transportation 4 x if you depart from Yogyakarta. And will take approximately 5 hours of travel.

Special Sunday many transport and public transport is not a lot of walking or holiday, it is disturbing your trip. This’s way is not recomend for Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau.

This is actually a great option if you can speak a little Indonesian. Hiring a motorbike in Yogyakarta is very cheap. You just buy a SIM Card Indonesia with Packet Data then you can use Adroid and Google Map to guide the trip to Dieng.

The trip to Dieng with uphill road conditions is a challenge for you and on the way there are many large trucks are safety considerations you should take into account in determining this alternative motorbike rental.

Another interesting thing you can enjoy the natural scenery of coffee and tea plantations with a close look with the cool air is very fun and unique experience on the trip. This’s way is recomend for Travel Guide to Dieng Plateau.

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