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Panduan Wisata untuk Tour di Yogyakarta

Travel Guide in Yogyakarta

Travel guide in Yogyakarta are highly sought after by tourists from all over the world and tourists throughout Indonesia. Yogyakarta or better known as Jogjakarta or often pronounced with the short word “Jogja”. The city of Jogja has the title of Student City with a large number of higher education institutions and there are a large number of educators and educated students who were born in this Jogja City. Besides that, Yogyakarta is also known as the City of Gudeg, which is a culinary food typical of the city of Jogja which is very popular with tourists every visit in Yogyakarta.

Here we will inform you about Travel guide in Yogyakarta that provide convenience for a vacation in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta has many world-class best tourist attractions.

This Travel guide in Yogyakarta also provides important information about cheap holidays and tips to facilitate your holiday planning and information on tour ticket prices and car rental, transportation.

Overview of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of the oldest provinces in Indonesia with an area of ​​approximately 3,185.80 km 2 and a population of up to 2015 of 3.5 million. Consists of: Jogjakarta municipality, Bantul district, Kulon Progo district, Gunung Kidul Regency and Sleman Regency.

Yogyakarta also has a very strong tourist magnet to attract tourists from within the country and abroad who are very strong in the country’s foreign exchange earnings. Besides the number of hundreds of the largest tourist attractions in all areas of the city and district, also has world-famous tourist attractions such as Prambanan Temple which is one of the world cultural heritage of UNESCO.

In the development of the history of the struggle for Indonesian independence, the Sultanate of Yogyakarta palace which at that time was led by Raja Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX who played a very important role in helping the process of independence during the Indonesian revolution in 1945.

Access to Public Transportation to Yogyakarta

We will also inform you about travel guide in Yogyakarta. One of them is an easy way to go to Yogyakarta for holiday tours and tours in Yogyakarta such as by using airplane transportation, public bus transportation, train or you can use private car rental or car rental to go to various tourist attractions in Yogyakarta.

  1. Transportation by Airplane

Yogyakarta City has an International Airport Airport or better known as Adisucipto Airport. IATA Code: JOG. Jogja Airport has an area of ​​approximately 88,700m2 and is one of the crowded and crowded airports. Many domestic and international commercial flights land at Jogja Airport every day. Among them: Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, City Link, Air Asia, Silk Air, Malaysia Air.

Jogja Airport also provides various facilities that are very complete as an international airport including Tourist Information Services that are on standby throughout the day, ATM machines for arrival and departure terminals. Car Rental Counter at Yogyaakrta Airport, Hotel Reservations and Tour Packages which are at the door of the arrival of Jogja Airport. And Transfer in Airport to Hotel services are available.

Jogja Airport as a tourist gateway in Yogyakarta also provides complete transportation facilities such as Airport Taxi and Access to the Railway transportation network within the Jogja airport complex. You just walk to the train station. At this Maguwo train station you can go to the Jogja City Station or to Solo City Station which can depart every hour from this train station.

Adisucipto International Airport, Location: Jl. Solo km.9 Yogyakarta, Phone: +62 0274 484261 Tourist Info: + 62 0274 387202

  1. Transport by Public Bus Transportation

The city of Yogyakarta also has a main bus terminal that is very complete with facilities and serves as a place of departure and arrival of bus passengers from Yogyakarta to various cities on Java and between Provinces.

This travel guide in Yogyakarta explains about transportation within the city of Yogyakarta, you can use transportation or bus transportation TRANS JOGJA . Trans Jogja is the name of bus transportation which has a network of bus stops leading to the best and strategic locations in the city of Jogja such as Prambanan tourist attractions, Jogja Airport, Jogja monument station, various universities, Malioboro and other interesting tourist attractions that can use this bus transportation as an alternative choice the choice of a tour or tour in Yogyakarta. You only pay Rp.3,600, you can enjoy bus transportation with air conditioner facilities and comfortable seating.

This bus terminal is called the Giwangan bus terminal which can accommodate the capacity of various buses from Outside the City and Province as one of the entry gates to the city of Yogyakarta. Both from the city of Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali where the largest terminal in the city of Yogyakarta even provides charters or rental tourism buses in Yogyakarta

Giwangan Bus Terminal, Location: Jl. Imogiri in the Giwanga area, Telephone: 0274 378288

  1. Transportation by Train

The best travel guide in Yogyakarta will also provide information about train travel. Yogyakarta also has a famous train station and is a legacy of the Dutch government which is still well maintained today.

The name of the station in Yogyakarta is more famous by the name of the Tugu Jogja station. The location of this station is very strategic in the middle of Jogja city. You just walk will already be on the Malioboro street which is a legendary street in the center of Jogja.

Tugu Jogja Station is also one of the big stations that departs every day by train to Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Malang. And serve departures to the nearest cities such as Solo, Klaten, Kutoarjo and Purworejo such as by Parameks or Prambanan Express trains that depart almost every hour with a ticket price of Rp.8,000.

Especially for fast trains, you can depart and get off at Tugu Jogja Station such as the Argo Lawu fast train from Jakarta, Argo Dwi Pangga, Bima Train from Surabaya, Mutiara Selatan. Fast train ticket prices range from IDR 150,000 to IDR 250,000 depending on weekday, weekend or holiday.

If you depart from Bandung you can use the Argo Wilis train that will get off in Jogja in the morning or you can choose to use the Lodaya train.

Tugu Yogyakart Train Station, Location: Jl. Mangkubumi / Margo Utomo, Yogyakarta, Phone: 0274 589685

The Best Way to Tour in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a very unique city when compared to various other cities in Indonesia. In Yogyakarta there are still many historical buildings that are still well preserved, the Museum of Struggle, Educational Forum for various Students such as Taman Pintar.

If you are in the middle of the city like in Tugu Jogja or at Zero Kilometer. You can enjoy the grandeur of the Dutch heritage buildings, the beautiful and comfortable atmosphere of Yogyakarta city. As well as hospitality and courtesy of Jogja residents, typical of Javanese people who are very thick.

To enjoy tourist attractions and cultural beauty in Yogyakarta, we recommend using the transportation facilities available in the city of Yogyakarta and surrounding Yogyakarta.

Here are various tour guides for tours in Yogyakarta with various Best Ways to Tour around the City of Jogja.

  • Tour in Yogyakarta with Becak

This method using Becak transportation is the most preferred by tourists because it is more relaxed and gets the sensation of an unforgettable experience in the city of Jogja. Pedicab transportation is a traditional transportation that is still maintained in Jogja. Pedicab is a kind of bicycle with 3 wheels with seating for 2 passengers.

You can use a pedicab to deliver from a short distance, such as shopping for souvenirs, delivering shopping at the Beringharjo market. We recommend that you make sure before using the services of a pedicab driver. Make sure the price is one-way or round trip and inform the various places you want to visit. The price for a one-way becak is Rp.10,000 – up to Rp.20,000 depending on the distance to be traveled.

  • Tour in Yogyakarta by Taxi

This method will certainly drain your funds a bit when using a taxi, because metered meters that run continuously during the tour to tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. This method should be used for close range use only. Such as transfer in the Airport to the Hotel or drop to Jalan Malioboro to shop. Taxi fare is Rp.6,000 and the minimum usage is Rp. 20,000 even though the meter meter is less than Rp. 20,000.

  • Tour in Yogyakarta by Car Rental

This method is often chosen by tourists every vacation in Jogja because it is more efficient and cheaper if you use it for day trips to tourist attractions in Jogja. Usually you can rent a car with a driver to take you to the destination. Car Rental Prices in Yogyakarta include Gasoline too. So it is cheaper if you use it for tourist trips with a capacity of 2-6 people. In the city of Jogja, car rental companies in Yogyakarta offer types of Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, Isuzu ELF for groups. Prices range from around Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 900,000 depending on the type of car you choose. For tourist destinations you can visit as used to see tourist attractions in Yogyakarta such as the Palace of Jogja, Taman Sari, Taman Pintar, see museums, Gembira Loka Zoo, Parangtritis Beach.

Andong is a traditional horse-drawn transportation with a seating capacity of around 4 people. This method is indeed very exciting to travel around the city of Jogja and your vacation experience in Jogja will not be forgotten with your family. These cart drivers can hang around waiting passengers along Jalan Malioboro.

You better bargain before riding horse for a trip around the city of Yogyakarta. Usually they offer at a price of Rp.50,000 to go around Jalan Malioboro.

Tourist Attractions for Touring in Yogyakarta

The Travel guide in Yogyakarta also explains about the many tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, saving dozens of the best interesting tourist attractions to visit and one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia. This attraction makes Yogyakarta a choice for tourists to plan a vacation every year and the many choices of tourist attractions that provide a pleasant experience such as Nature Tourism, Cultural Tourism and famous Museums around the world.

Yogyakarta also has a long history of developing Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam and is one of the largest kingdoms in Indonesia during the heyday of the Mataram kingdom. There are many heritage buildings of the kingdom of Mataram that are still preserved at this time such as the Palace of Yogyakarta, Taman Sari and the oldest mosque in Kotagede.

Relics in the golden age of the Hindu-Buddhist kingdom in the Syailendra dynasty there were the largest magnificent Buddhist temples namely the Borobudur temple and the beauty of Hindu temples at Prambanan Temple, Sewu Temple, Ratu Boko Temple. One of the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta which is a magnet for Indonesian tourism.

Tourist attractions in Yogyakarta scattered in a Municipality and 4 districts with a variety of interesting tours to visit. There are temple tours, cultural tourism, beautiful tourism villages, nature tourism and religious tourism which are so much to be enjoyed. This tour guide for tours in Yogyakarta, we will provide complete information on the best tourist attractions in each district in the Yogyakarta region.

  • The Municipality of Jogjakarta
  • Tugu Jogja Monument , one of the symbols of Jogja city in the middle of the city, precisely on Jalan Margo Utomo or Jalan Mangkubumi. Position parallel to Mount Merapi-Kraton Jogja-South Coast. Also as a symbol of cosmology Yogyakarta.tour Palace in Yogyakarta – Jogja monument
  • Benteng Vre De Burg , one of the most complete museums of the struggle for independence in Yogyakarta. Located right across from the Great Building or the Presidential Palace. This building is a relic of the Dutch colonial used as a detention house and renovated as a tourist spot in Jogja.
  • Taman Pintar, one of the educational tourist attractions that is of most interest to students throughout Indonesia. In this place provides knowledge about science, complete animal knowledge. Located east of the Vre de Burg Fortress.
  • Kraton Jogja, is one of the tourist attractions in Jogja that is most popular with foreign and domestic tourists. Kraton Jogja as a relic of the Mataram kingdom and as a center of Javanese culture that is still preserved at this time.
  • Tamansari, one of the unique tourist attractions with Dutch – Portuguese architecture is a bathing place for the sons and daughters of the King with a clean pool. Located in the Kraton Yogyakarta complex or 5 minutes from the Yogyakarta Palace. This place is also very crowded by tourists.
  • Gembira Loka Zoo, is located east of the city of Jogja or about 10 KM from downtown Jogja. Has a very complete collection of animals and a beautiful garden in this Happy Loka zoo.
  • Malioboro Street is a legendary road in the city of Jogja and cannot be separated from the history of Indonesia’s struggle. Malioboro Street is also one of the interesting tourist places to visit as shopping places for handicrafts and handicrafts that are sold alongside shops along this road.
  • Sleman Regency
  • Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple consisting of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma Temples which are contained within a Prambanan temple complex. One of the cultural heritage and world heritage of Unesco which is a strong tourist attraction in Yogyakarta. Your tour is incomplete if you don’t visit Prambanan Temple.
  • Ratu Boko Temple, the temple which is on the hill which is a former kingdom and not far from Prambanan Temple is about 15 minutes to the Ratu Boko temple. The tourist attraction in Ratu Boko is as the best place to see Sunset and destinations that deserve to be included in the tour itinerary in Yogyakarta that should not be missed.
  • Ulen Sentanu Museum, is a museum about Javanese culture and aristocrats that is very complete and a must-visit destination on a tour in Jogja. This is one of the favorite and best museums in Indonesia according to the Tripadvisor version.
  • Lava Tour on Mount Merapi, is the most popular tour tour in Jogja to date. You can follow the Lava tour by using a Jeep car along the steep slopes of Merapi and seeing up close the former Merapi eruption in 2010. One of the attractions worth visiting during the tour in Yogyakarta.
  • Affandi Museum, is a museum of Mr. Affandi (late), one of the world-class painting maestros. This season exhibits paintings by Affandi that you can enjoy. The ticket price of Rp. 20,000 is in Jalan Adisucipto Yogyakarta Tel: 0274 562593.
  • Kulon Progo Regency
  • Kalibiru is the newest tourist spot which hits more to date. Kalibiru is a point view looking at the view of the Thousand Dam Menoreh mountain range and the sermo reservoir which looks green and is very beautiful. The best time at sunset with amazing views. The trip from Jogja approximately 45 minutes or 35 Km to the west of the city of Yogyakarta. Entrance ticket is IDR 10,000, –
  • Sermo Reservoir is one of the largest reservoirs in Yogyakarta. Built for the needs of agricultural land irrigation in Kulon Progo which was built during the Suharto government. Sermo reservoir area is approximately 157 hectares located in Kulon Progo.
  • Curug Sidoharjo is a waterfall in Kulon Progo located in the village of Sidoharjo, Samigaluh District. The height of the Sidoharjo waterfall of approximately 75 meters has a slope of 90 degrees. Here you can also do canyoning sports activities in this river.
  • Kedung Pedut Waterfall is located in Jatimulyo Village, Girimulyo District, Kulonprogo has clear water with turquoise green color and very fresh mountain water when you damp for a moment to relax right. Many domestic tourists visit this resort every weekend. It is recommended you bring a change of clothes if you want to enjoy the beauty of this Kedung Pedut waterfall.
    tour in Yogyakarta – curoh sidoharjo
  • Nglinggo Tea Plantation has a very beautiful view on the Menoreh mountains with cool, fresh air. Height of about 1000 meters above sea level. You can also do camping activities at Nglinggo Tea Plantation, which only takes 45 minutes from Yogyakarta by car rental in Jogja.
  • Bantul Regency
  • Parangtritis Beach is the most favorite beach of choice for vacation in Jogja. The tour trip from Jogja to Parangtitis Beach is around 45 minutes or around 30 Km to the east of the city of Jogja. This south coast has large waves with clean sand. Here you can rent a mini bar or ride a horse for Rp. 25,000 for one round around the beach.
  • Imogiri is the tomb of the Mataram kings of the Yogyakarta palace and the palace of Solo. To reach the tomb you have to climb a number of stairs 409 steps. This tomb is located in the south of the city of Jogja about 27km with easy road access by car.
  • Kasongan is a place of pottery and handicraft production in Bantul Regency which is very famous. Production from Kasongan is widely exported abroad and is in great demand by consumers at low prices. Located south of the city of Yogyakarta or can be reached by driving a car for approximately 30 minutes.
  • Kotagede is a handicraft center from Perak which is very attractive to tourists every holiday in Yogyakarta. You can find silver jewelry at low prices with a unique design. Here you can also see up close the process of making these jewelry. In Kotagede we still find many ancient buildings that are still well maintained.
  • Gunung Kidul Regency
  • Ancient Volcano Nglanggeran one of the ancient volcanoes and according to research this ancient mountain existed around 60 million years ago and at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. This location is in the village of Nglanggeran, Patuk Gunung Kidul District. Or about a 45 minute trip from the city of Jogja. Tour trip to Gunung Kidul will be more exciting to climb Mount Nglanggeran to see the enchanting beauty of Sunset and Sunrise from the height of this mountain.
  • Kalisuci Cave or Pindul Cave is one of the most sought after tourist destinations at Gunung Kidul. Every weekend this place is flooded with tourists who want to vacation in Gunung Kidul and enjoy the tour of the Cave Tubing tour along the Kalisuci river which is located in Pindul Cave. Located in the village Pacarejo in Semanu District. Ticket prices for tours in Cave Tubing Rp.35,000
  • Goa Jomblang which is one of the most popular tourist attractions for tourists who like adventure tours. You can go inside Goa Joblang by using a special rope vertically with a guide with special skills to enter Luweng Grubug or “Light from Heaven”. The right time to go down and enter Goa is around 10 -11 noon when the sunlight enters into Goa. If you depart from the city of Yogyakarta you should leave at 07:00 in the morning from the Hotel. Entrance ticket is Rp.450,000 / person.
    Tour in Yogyakarta – Singa Jomblang
  • Timang Beach , this beach is a lobster producing area, local residents use wooden hangers which are pulled by several ropes to the island of Watu Panjang. It takes a lot of courage to cross by looking at the big waves below. Timang Beach is in the village of Purwodadi, Tepus District in Gunung Kidul.
  • Nglambor Beach which is different from some on the other southern coast. Ngalambor Beach has calmer waves and there are many marine life such as beautiful coral reefs and sea fish that live on this beach that you can enjoy by snorkeling. Nglambor Beach is located in Purwodadi Village, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul.

Yogyakarta Car Rental Itinerary Tour

The Travel guide in Yogyakarta that is most interesting and provides important information to you regarding travel itineraries. Arrangement of tour itinerary or tour itinerary is very important in planning your tour in Yogyakarta. The condition of public transportation facilities is still limited in Yogyakarta and not many reach certain tourist attractions, you should use the services of rental cars in Yogyakarta for transportation means solutions go to tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, hotels, shopping and culinary places in Yogyakarta.

Make an itinerary tour plan and choose a rental car for a tour in Yogyakarta, it is important to do it first, arrange the tourist attractions that you will visit, how long you want to stay in a Jogja hotel, the type of car you want to rent a car in Yogyakarta. This is very important in determining the vacation / tour budget in Yogyakarta.

This tour guide for tours in Yogyakarta also provides detailed tour itinerary tour info on car rental in Yogyakarta which is much favored by tourists every time they visit Yogyakarta. The following is a travel guide for car itinerary tour rental in Yogyakarta. This itinerary tour is for a day tour in Yogyakarta. If you plan to stay in Yogyakarta for 4 days, you can choose several different itinerary tours according to your wishes:

  1. Tour Itinerary: Borobudur Temple – Mount Merapi – Prambanan Temple

Departs in the morning from the Hotel / Airport at 8:00 in the morning. The tour directly goes to Borobudur Temple which is the Largest Buddhist temple and one of the Unesco World Heritage. After finishing, you can take a break for lunch at the nearest restaurant. Then the tour continues to Mount Merapi as one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia. We can see up close by using a Jeep by renting a Jeep Rp.350,000 for a capacity of 5 people. Then head to Prambanan Temple as one of the biggest Hindu Temples and see the sunset at Prambanan Temple. Tour event in Yogyakarta has finished and returned to the hotel or airport.

Yogyakarta Car Rental Price List:

  • Toyota New Avanza 500,000
  • Toyota New Innova 600,000
  • Isuzu ELF (12 Seats) Rp.900,000
  1. Tour Itinerary: Kraton Jogja – Taman Sari – Jogja City – Parangtritis Beach

Departs in the morning at 9:00 in the morning and goes straight to Kraton Jogja. Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace is the center of the development of Javanese culture and as the residence of the king of Mataram. Here you will get to know more about traditions and historical objects. The tour continues to the Taman Sari, a bathing place for the princess with a unique building. Take a break and have lunch by trying traditional Jogja warm food and shopping for souvenirs and going around Jogja by shopping for the famous Batik Jogja. End to Parangtritis Beach by watching the sunset and while feeling the fresh waves of the south coast. The tour event in Yogyakarta has finished, back to the hotel.

Yogyakarta Car Rental Price List:

  • Toyota New Avanza 500,000
  • Toyota New Innova 600,000
  • Isuzu ELF (12 Seats) Rp.900,000
  1. Tour Itinerary: Goa Pindul – Beach Tour in Gunung Kidul

Leave in the morning at 8:00 in the morning. Go directly to Goa Pindul by going along the Kalisuci river which is inside Goa Pindul by using a float tire. Beautiful cave with naturally formed filled with active staglatit. Take a break and have lunch. Then the tour continues on to Kukup Beach, Krakal Beach and finally to Indrayanti Beach to see Sunset with white sand and clean sand along this beach. Once satisfied playing on the beach, back to the hotel.

Yogyakarta Car Rental Price List:

  • Toyota New Avanza 600,000
  • Toyota New Innova 700,000
  • Isuzu ELF (12 Seats) Rp.950,000
  1. Tour Itinerary: Sermo Reservoir – Kalibiru – Kedung Pedut Waterfall – Nglinggo Tea Plantation.

Departing in the morning at 9:00 am heading straight to Sermo Reservoir to see the natural scenery and proceed to Kalibiru by seeing the beauty of the incised mountains with fresh natural air and taking pictures. Then the tour continued to enjoy the beauty of Kedung Pedut Waterfall and Nglinggo Tea Plantation while enjoying the warm drink of coffee. The tour event in Yogyakarta is finished, back to the hotel in Jogja.

Yogyakarta Car Rental Price List:

  • Toyota New Avanza 600,000
  • Toyota New Innova 700,000

To order a car rental in Yogyakarta, you should make an advance booking. Special Weekend and Holidays, in Yogyakarta often invaded by tourists who vacation and tour in Yogyakarta. It is certain that many hotels, flights and rental cars in Yogyakarta are always fullbook. We recommend that you book in advance with a car rental company in Yogyakarta a few days before your departure date.

For easy pickup and meeting points on your first day in Yogyakarta. Inform details about arrival date, flight number / time of arrival / time of arrival when you use the aircraft, or train name and arrival time when you use the train. Don’t forget to inform your full name and cellphone number / cellphone number for easy communication.

Booking a Hotel in Yogyakarta

Booking hotels in Yogyakarta is one of the most important things in planning a trip tour in Yogyakarta. Due to the high season, many hotels in Jogja are full of tourists who want to vacation in Yogyakarta. Hotel reservations are required in advance, so that your vacation and tour in Yogyakarta is more comfortable.

Starred Hotels in Yogyakarta

  • Hyatt Regency Hotel Yogyakarta
  • Sheraton Mustika Hotels
  • Tentrem Hotels
  • Melia Purwosani Hotel
  • Phoenix Hotels
  • Hotel Novotel Yogyakarta
  • Royal Ambarukmo Hotel
  • Hotel Santika Primier
  • Harper Mangkubumi Hotel
  • The 101 Yogyakarta Hotel
  • Ibis Style Malioboro Hotel
  • Hotel Malioboro Ibis
  • Jambuluwuk Malioboro Hotel
  • Inna Garuda Hotel
  • Grand Zuri Malioboro Hotel

Non-Star Hotels / Guest Houses / Inns

Prices range from Rp.150,000 to Rp.350,000 per room / night.

  • Peti Mas Hotel in Dagen, Malioboro
  • Blue Shapire Hotel in Dagen, Malioboro
  • Lilik Hotel in Dagen, Malioboro
  • Kumbokarno Hotel in Dagen, Malioboro
  • Malioboro Inn Hotel in Sosrowijayan, Malioboro
  • Garage Ramayanana Hotel in Sosrowijayan, Malioboro
  • Homestay Bladog in Sosrowijayan, Malioboro
  • Summer Season Hotel in Sosrowijayan, Malioboro
  • Pyrenees hotel in Sosrowijayan, Malioboro
  • Gloria Amanda Hotel in Sosrowijayan, Malioboro
  • Otyza Hotel in Sosrowijayan, Malioboro
  • Kartika Hotel in Sosrowijayan, Malioboro
  • Indonesia Hotels in Sosrowijayan, Malioboro

Thus the information we recommend to you about travel guides in Yogyakarta. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who want to hold a holiday and tour events in Yogyakarta. Hopefully during the tour in Yogyakarta will be more fun and safe and become a traveling experience that will not be forgotten during the tour in Yogyakarta.


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